Tony Carrick


Tony Carrick is a freelance writer specializing in home improvement, landscaping, and design. A recipient of a degree in journalism and a Master of Arts in English, he spent ten years writing for a variety of local newspapers and business publications before becoming an English teacher. Mr. Carrick now works as a freelance writer from his home in North Carolina. When he isn’t furiously typing away on his laptop or working on his latest home improvement project, he enjoys spending time with his family and cycling through the beautiful North Carolina countryside. Connect with Tony Carrick on LinkedIn.

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JULY 29, 2021 | THURSDAY
The 13 Best Grill Brands of 2022

The arrival of warm summer months affords better weather for backyard cookouts. For that, one needs a quality grill. With so many brands of grills on the market, it can be a challenge to ...

JULY 27, 2021 | TUESDAY
How to DIY Built-In Shelves Like a Pro

Sometimes a home’s natural architectural features offer a place to get creative, allowing you to make use of what would otherwise be wasted space. An alcove around a fireplace or entertai...

JULY 22, 2021 | THURSDAY
Solved! Why is My Flashlight Not Working?

Q: Help! My flashlight won’t light up. I’ve only had it for a few months, so age isn’t the issue. Why is my flashlight not working? I’d appreciate any troubleshooting advice you can provi...

JULY 22, 2021 | THURSDAY
Bring Ergonomics to Your Home Office with This Standing Desk Converter—Your Back will Thank You

The average office worker sits for an astounding 15 hours a day. My wife, who works from a home office, is one of those many millions of Americans rooted to their office chairs from 9 to ...

Solved! How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress

Q: My husband and I have bought our two children inflatable air mattresses that they can take to slumber parties and on vacations. By morning, after sleeping on them, the mattresses have ...

JULY 18, 2021 | SUNDAY
Is There Really a Grill Cover That Fits Well, Won’t Fade, and Keeps a Grill Dry? Yes!

Since most grills spend their days outdoors and unprotected from the elements, most eventually succumb to the effects of rain, hail, and the hot sun. They can rust, corrode, and end up at...

JULY 15, 2021 | THURSDAY
The Best Places to Install Solar Lights in Your Outdoor Space

Improve the visibility and nocturnal appeal of your home with lighting that doesn't require complicated wiring.

JULY 13, 2021 | TUESDAY
Add Sophistication to Your Daily Caffeine Consumption With This Nespresso Machine

I love a good espresso, but I’ve always had a hard time justifying the $2 or more expense of a single 1-ounce shot of espresso at the local coffee shop. And, while I had heard of Nespress...

JUNE 28, 2021 | MONDAY
The Best Car Air Fresheners in 2022

Dusty vents, fast food remnants, spilled coffee, pet dander—all give cars a funky smell, making that commute to and from work less than pleasant. Driving with all the windows down is one ...

JUNE 28, 2021 | MONDAY
The 14 Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2022

A failing air conditioner in the blistering summer heat isn’t something one can wait to replace. While there are plenty of options to choose from, knowing which brands are the best choice...