Tony Carrick


Name: Anthony Carrick

Title: Contributing Writer

Tony Carrick is a freelance writer who has been contributing to since 2020. He writes how-to articles and product reviews in the areas of lawn and garden, home maintenance, home improvement, auto maintenance, housewares, and technology. 

Expertise and Experience

As a contributing writer for a variety of home improvement, housewares, and technology publications, Tony has covered a broad range of topics. His hands-on experience ranges from fixing toilets to remodeling mudrooms to laying patio tile, all of which he’s written about in great detail. 

Tony’s writing credits also include hundreds of reviews for a variety of tools, household products, and home gadgets, including everything from blenders to exercise bikes to security cameras. In addition to writing for, Tony has also written for U.S. News and World Report, Field & Stream, Popular Science, Interesting Things, Domino, and Futurism. 

Tony began his writing career as a reporter for local newspapers in North Carolina before spending more than a decade in the classroom teaching English. He now works full-time as a freelance writer from his home in North Carolina. When he’s not typing away on his computer, he can be found hammering away at yet another renovation project in his home. 

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