Tony Carrick


Tony Carrick is a freelance writer specializing in home improvement, landscaping, and design. A recipient of a degree in journalism and a Master of Arts in English, he spent ten years writing for a variety of local newspapers and business publications before becoming an English teacher. Mr. Carrick now works as a freelance writer from his home in North Carolina. When he isn’t furiously typing away on his laptop or working on his latest home improvement project, he enjoys spending time with his family and cycling through the beautiful North Carolina countryside. Connect with Tony Carrick on LinkedIn.

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15 Tiny House Communities That Are as Efficient as They Are Charming

Although a global pandemic and strict zoning laws stymied tiny house purchases in recent years, the popularity of these downsized alternatives to traditional homes continues to grow. Comm...

JULY 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
10 Caulking Mistakes You're Making—and How To Fix Them

Whether you need to create a watertight seal between a bathtub and tile, seal a leak around a window, or give a finished look to built-in shelving, there are a broad range of uses for cau...

JULY 28, 2022 | THURSDAY
The Best Junk Removal Services of 2022

Whether downsizing for a move or decluttering a home, there are various reasons to eliminate unwanted junk. While DIY-ing this job is an option, making multiple trips to the donation cent...

JULY 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Packing Services of 2022

There’s a good reason moving is considered one of the most stressful life events. Moving from point A to point B involves many steps: decluttering, packing, loading boxes, driving to the ...

JUNE 30, 2022 | THURSDAY
The Best Self-Storage Facilities of 2022

Clutter is inevitable for many homeowners. And while filling up a garage or shed is one solution to dealing with clutter, sometimes it’s easier to move those belongings to another locatio...

Where to Find the Cheapest Propane Refills for Your Barbecue Grill This Summer

 If you're like me, your gas grill is running almost daily through the warmer months of the year. That means you’ll be going through more than a few propane gas tanks from Memorial Day to...

The Best Move-Out Cleaning Services of 2022

Packing up belongings, loading furniture and boxes onto a moving truck, traveling, unloading, and unpacking at a new home is stressful enough—and that’s before considering the additional ...

JUNE 28, 2022 | TUESDAY
This is Why Your Backyard Barbecue Will Cost More This Summer

As summertime and backyard barbecues begin in earnest, the specter of price inflation hangs in the background, ensuring you’ll be ponying up significantly more for your annual Fourth of J...

JUNE 3, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Trash Can Cleaning Services of 2022

The trash can and recycling bin spend their days up against the side of a home, and they may not be high on a homeowner’s list of priorities for cleaning. But maybe they should be. Since ...

The Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Systems With DVR of 2022

While there are security systems that offer outdoor cameras, they also come with hefty up-front costs and typically have monthly subscriptions. Those who want a system they can truly self...