Tony Carrick


Tony Carrick is a freelance writer specializing in home improvement, landscaping, and design. A recipient of a degree in journalism and a Master of Arts in English, he spent ten years writing for a variety of local newspapers and business publications before becoming an English teacher. Mr. Carrick now works as a freelance writer from his home in North Carolina. When he isn’t furiously typing away on his laptop or working on his latest home improvement project, he enjoys spending time with his family and cycling through the beautiful North Carolina countryside. Connect with Tony Carrick on LinkedIn.

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The Best Stand-On Mowers of 2022

While riding lawn mowers and walk-behind lawn mowers may make up the bulk of grass-cutting machines found in residential yards, stand-on mowers are also an option. This type of mower has ...

MAY 31, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Moving Truck Rental Companies of 2023

Hiring a professional moving service is one option when it's time to relocate, but doing so can cost well into the thousands of dollars. That’s why many renters and homeowners opt to hand...

MAY 31, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Gas Grills Under $500 in 2022

At $1,000 or more, a high-end gas grill is a pricey enhancement to your outdoor living space, but it doesn’t have to be. You can find quality gas grills at or below $500 with durable cons...

MAY 31, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Propane Generators of 2022

Power outages can threaten to spoil the food in the fridge and lead to life-threatening situations in cold temperatures. Having a powerful propane generator can produce enough juice to ke...

MAY 31, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Flush Mount Lights of 2022

In most homes, flush mount lights illuminate the rooms. While nothing is wrong with standard dome lighting, trading out dull ceiling lights with newer fixtures is a good way to upgrade yo...

MAY 25, 2022 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Senior Moving Services of 2023

Whether downsizing, transitioning to an assisted living facility, or relocating to be closer to family, moving later in life can be an overwhelming undertaking. Packing, moving large furn...

MAY 18, 2022 | WEDNESDAY
The Best Suction Pool Cleaners of 2022

Although it is possible to use a brush and manual vacuum to clean your pool, it's not a task many pool owners have the time or desire to complete, especially given that a pool should be c...

MAY 17, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Pool Cover Pumps of 2022

A pool cover is a pool's best defense against debris and dirt that can alter its chemistry, turning it into a bog during the off-season. However, even a quality pool cover can quickly bec...

MAY 5, 2022 | THURSDAY
The Best Pet Transportation Services of 2022

Whether traveling for vacation or relocation, safely getting a pet from point A to point B can be a challenge. While some pet owners can pay a small fee to have their dog or cat travel in...

MAY 2, 2022 | MONDAY
The Best Echo Chainsaws of 2022

Although Echo offers several larger chainsaws for professionals, the bulk of its chainsaws are targeted toward homeowners. Echo chainsaw models range from affordable 14-inch and 16-inch o...