08:38PM | 07/11/12
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I have posted on here several times about the problems with some of the Timbertech fading issues.From my experience working on a crew that did warranty replacements this is what i can say for what i have saw and been told from one production line person in the factory and one claims representative. The desert bronze color seems to be the most affected by these white spots and molded areas. Two things have been said to have caused this. First one, the sun. It beats down on it and causes it to fade in high sun areas. From what i have been told this is due to an uv additive being formulated wrong, applied wrong or not enough of it. I dont know the specifics on it. I can just tell you what i was told. The other issue is the mold looking problem. I have been told that this is from a chemical burn from maybe spilling a petroleum product or cleaning a TT deck with a petroleum product. The way to rectify this problem is to collect all original invoices on your purchase, take pictures, and call TT and voice your problem.From the 50 or so decks i have replaced this is how it goes..First TT most of the time trys to offer Deck Max which from what i have been told only is a temporary fix, for six months or so. No one i have talk to says it is permanant fix. It is a sealer that is applied and makes it look brand new but in time it fades also. I can say that all TT fade and burn problems have been resolved in the plant and this is why i worked on the warranty replacement crew fixing these decks to rectify the decks fading. I would be happy to help anyone with installing their new deck for around five dollars a sq ft. maybe more or less depending on layout. If intersested or you have any questions please e mail at [email protected] or e mail me a phone number and i would be happy to talk with you . Thankyou, Tylar


06:09PM | 08/21/13
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We are getting soft spots,movement & fading, The soft spots are in the main traffic path which concerns us the most. Deck was installed aprox. 1998


05:12PM | 06/07/14
We live in the Country with lots of wildlife, including 3 varieties of squirrels. They LOVE to chew on the risers of the steps or any part of the outer edges of the deck. They are turning what was a beautiful deck into something that looks terrible. Never had this trouble with wood!!!!


11:59AM | 06/03/15
We had TT installed on our deck. After a year there was significant fading. Our contractor notified TT. We were informed this was due to a factory problem. They provided new material and the deck was re-done. One year later there, again, is a lot of fading, but this time its also patchy, fading in some areas more than others. TT is refusing to live up to their warranty and has offered the "fix" mentioned above, IF WE SIGN A PAPER SAYING WE WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THEM WITH A COMPLAINT!.

Beware, these guys do NOT live up to their promises!!


06:58PM | 08/04/15
TT is the worst i'm fighting with them on second deck with fading problem they keep telling me its a cleaning problem.2 decks in 5 years


07:34AM | 02/27/16
Our $10K of product arrived with horrific damage on the surface of multiple boards, and the company said we could file a warranty claim. It was hideous looking. Fortunately, our supplier took it all back and we are going with real wood for our deck. Highly recommend against buying from this company!


04:29PM | 07/08/16
I have joists at 24" on center and the only TimberTech product that will span that distance is "DockSider". Has anyone had experience with DockSider? If so, what?


02:53PM | 02/20/17
We ran our boards the length of the house instead of out away from the house after the sales rep told us that wouldn't be an issue. We have extreme shrinking of the boards depending on the time of day.
TT inspected and replaced the decking with the same lot of material and the boards are doing it again. Now they say we should double joist and our 2,300 foot elevation is our issue...
It is sold in our home town, I'm thinking the elevation is not the issue.


08:05PM | 04/20/17
We had Timbertech Evolution installed last year on our front deck. This Spring we have noticed splits at the ends of the boards where the screws are attached. It is very slick in the winter when it freezes as well. I would not buy again.


02:57PM | 05/04/17
I have a Timbertek Twin-finish deck installed in 2007 on sleepers over a rubber membrane. Have had significant swelling of the boards, both in width and length. TT denied there is an issue, but the boards have pushed out the railing posts by several inches in a 12 foot width, and have elongated by about 4 inches in a 27 foot length deck. They just want to offer a small amount of cash, in return for me never filing another claim against the company. That sucks! I'd love to know if there are any class-actions in progress regarding this issue.
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