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02:24PM | 08/01/12
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My wife keeps telling me that our bathtub is too slippery and that I need to figure out a way to fix it so one of us doesn’t eventually hurt ourselves. I’ve gone to a few hardware stores around town but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Does anyone know of how I can go about making my bathtub non slip?


02:34PM | 08/01/12
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A few years ago my husband and I used a product called Johnny Grip for our kitchen floor because it was way too slippery. It worked so well. Since then we have also used it on both bathroom floors and the actual shower floors themselves. I don't think the hardware stores carry such a product, hence why you haven't had any luck, but I know that you can do like we did and purchase it online. There website is if you're interested!


02:38PM | 08/01/12
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My wife and I send our gratitude! Thanks for your help!


02:39PM | 08/01/12
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Anytime AmySue :) Glad I could help.


05:13PM | 08/12/12
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What about putting a non-slip bath mat in the bathtub? Here are a few that I found by putting that phrase in my browser, at ebay: Did you want to not use a mat for some reason?



07:58PM | 07/23/13
Bath mats are horrible to clean. Also, the one my father in law had in his bathroom slipped right out from under me and I nearly bashed my head on the tub faucet. His tub was much less slippery without it. We have a tub with a corrugated bottom, but with our softened water it is still slippery.


12:38AM | 03/25/16
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I have a slippery bath tub too. There are no surface treatment chemical or paint to sell in hardware store.

The tub becomes more and more slippery which makes me think it might be mildew which grows with time. After brushing the bathtub surface with Clorax, the problems is gone ! Easy, fast and save $$.

For best results, spray Colorax on surface and brush. Wait for 10 min, brush again.


10:21AM | 09/05/17
Lay a bath towel in the tub. No slipping. Easy clean-up with next load of wet towels. After years of business travel involving hotel bathtubs, it seemed a way to avoid germs and keep from breaking one's neck. You can easily clean the tub and not have to deal with peeling adhesive or gunk stuck in expensive strips. Works for me!


01:14PM | 11/14/19
If you live in the Cincinnati area, my company can treat your tub or shower to make them meet OSHA and the American’s with Disabilities Act recommendations. It will be as safe wet as it is dry with no ugly tape or mats and no cosmetic change to your tub or tiles. It usually costs $50 per tub and less if you have multiple surfaces that need treatment. If you live in another area you can visit to find a provider in your area.


11:12AM | 02/06/21
If you reside in Phoenix Arizona, my company A+ Non-slip Surfaces can treat your hotel or home bathtub and many other surfaces that are slippery without changing it's appearance. All of our services are approved by OSHA and ADA and will add traction to any hard mineral floor or bathtubs.

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