06:09PM | 06/24/09
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I had Alvis Spray on Siding applied to my home in 2005 and just noticed some problems; unfortunately, the telephone numbers for the company that installed the siding and ALVIS in NC have been disconnected and now I have no way to contact them. BEWARE.... my siding is less than 5 years old and is flaking, rust spots from the nails are showing and the siding is has let water through to some of the wood.


04:18PM | 06/25/09
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This is why I have warned people about his type of product and as you know it is not cheap.

Your problem may that moisture is being trapped behind the paint and can't get out, as alot of times they caulk the house up to much and it can't breath.


03:32PM | 09/14/09
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Looks great, lasted well form about 5 years without a problem but now peeling and flaking are starting to show. I can't repaint myself because this will invalidate the "warranty" and all efforts at contacting my company, based in Connecticut, (I am in Rhode Island) have been fruitless. No return calls. So I called the paint manufacturer and they sent me a test kit. (Texture Coatings of America 271-454-0340) If the paint or primer is defective, THEY will fix the problem. Personally I believe it is the work quality. I hqave traced the owner through several name changes and addresses, locations and little does he know that it's about to hit the fan. Friends in high places in state government come in handy sometimes. In short, until I get some resolution to my paint problem, and I WILL get it resolved, I highly recommend starying as far away from Spray on Siding as possible based in Connecticut. They could make the trip up here to RI for my $12,500, but follow up...nope. I would almost like to mount a campaign against this guy and am looking for other RI, Connecticut people who have had problems with a gentleman by the name of Joe Felix, the owner of the company. If you respond to this, include your e-mail and I will try to get back to you and maybe group support might do the job.




06:18PM | 09/14/09
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I am so sorry to hear that you are having the same problems with the "Spray On Siding".

The Alvis Company on my contract is listed as being in Matthews, NC. I've tried to contact them but the only numbers I can find are all out of service and also the company that actually sprayed my home is out of business.

I was laid off shortly after having my home "sided" and unfortunately still am not in a position to have my home painted. I really am in a difficult situation all the way around.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] with any more information you receive. I would be very, very interested in knowing how you're complaint is resolved.

Good luck in your quest for satisfaction, and I will keep you in my prayers.


01:16PM | 09/18/09
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Hi, we too are in CT and used FinalCoat, LLC based in East Haven, to apply the Alvis product. Not sure this is who you used but we are having the same issue 5 years in. Peeling and cracking and I too believe it's due to the workmanship, not the product. I contacted the BBB regarding our issues with FinalCoat, no call backs, etc., and in the end, FinalCoat said our warranty is with Alvis, not FinalCoat and they're washing their hands of it. Seems to me that if they just came out and repaired the damage using whatever new product they use now, this wouldn't be an issue. However, this is not the case. I am looking into small claims court to try to get a judgement to the above satisfaction. I really don't care what product is used, I just want FinalCoat, now doing business as Nutmeg Coatings, to honor their word that the product is not defective and good for 100 years. My email is [email protected] if you have any information, please let me know. Thx


04:54AM | 09/19/09
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We too have problems with our Alvis Permacoat coating. It is peeling and cracking and no longer available in Michigan. All I get is the runaound. NEVER BUY PERMACOAT!!! They do not stand behind the product.


12:42PM | 09/22/09
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Hello, "Mochamom".

I was not ignoring your note to me on the Bob Vila site. I sorry I didn't get to reply sooner. I have received quite a few notes to my e-mailaddress such as yours and I find the whole issue with "spray on Siding" to be an outrage. I also am a firm believer that there is a resolution to every problem. Tuesday of last week, I actually had a man from Spray on Siding (not called Alvis anymore but I trached down the original owner (much to HIS surprise) and told him that unfortunately, this is going to get unpleasant unless something is done to resolve the problem. Problem least for the time being. I doubt that I will ever get the benefit of the "lifetime guarantee, but the problem is much improved and I am doing some calking and hirinfg a carpenter to put decorative trim where the paint was peeling (abobe garage doors, along roof lines where they intersect the house. Now all this doesn't help you. If this works, I am going to try to add to this post, a peply that I sent to another person who wrote me. I am a FIGHTER and am not afraid to make enemies when I'm RIGHT. Please don't give up. I just wish that there was a way to take this issue NATIONAL, but I understand that the owner of the national company is bankrupt and up on drug charges. No joke. Anyway, if it's of any use, here is what I suggested to the other person:

If you have all of your contract paperwork, see if by chance you have the name of the salesman, the job supervisor or anyone associated with the job (I guess the owner of the company won't help!) I did have the phone number of the sales rep so I figured I would see if he was still at the same number. He was, but he had left the company. With a little polite hint in our conversation, I mentioned that I hate when things get legal and all the work that I will have to do. Well, that opened a floodgate and he shared the contact information with me of the owner and the name of the new business as well as the phone number. He was very diplomatic and so was I, in fact it was a friendly conversation, but he knew where I was heading.

Another thought, by any chance do you have a copy of the owner's state license to practice in your state? (NC?) If he gave you a copy of that, as they often do as part of the contract, you could call your state's labor board and see if they can help you track him down. Also, if he gave you a copy of his insurance certificate (as they do here in RI), you might be able to call the insurer and see if they can give you any help. It might be confidential and they may not release information, but it's worth a try.

I was gearing up for this one, fortunately it wasn't necessary, write a "letter to the editor" in your local newspaper (call first to see if they would run such a letter and how you might need to word it without crossing legal barriers) explaining your situation. The negative publicity might prompt some action if they would publish it. And finally, one of your local TV news programs must have a consumer segment. Call the channel and see what is involved in getting someone to investigate (and hopefully put on the air) your story. It happens all the time here in RI in all types of sleazy businesses and very often gets results.

Check your paperwork for ANY information about ANYONE who worked for the company and contact them. That is what got action, finally.

Now, the work today wasn't wonderfully done, but it's a vast improvement and while the guy was here, I made sure to write down the name of the company, the phone number and the license plane number from the painter's company truck. You never know when that might come in handy.

Start a file and document EVERY step, date and time and who you spoke to. Unless the owner is totally bankrupt and there is no one who took on the company, I believe that if you work long enough and are persistent, there is a resolution out there somewhere. Just remember NOT to implicate anyone by name or a particular business(unless you are asked to do so by the TV channel, the newspaper or...I forgot to suggest, the Attorney General of your state). You don't need a slander wrap.

Alan Best of luck



09:28AM | 10/08/09
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I need advice. Can you contact me at [email protected]

And/or provide the contact info for that guy at 'Spray On Siding'?

Thanks so much -- I'm desperate. I have been trying to work with Greg at Nutmeg Coatings in East Haven for nearly 2 years to resolve this and it is just one excuse after another.




06:59PM | 10/12/09
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I have had Nutmeg Coatings do 3 Houses for me, all with no problems at all, I was one of their first customers, unfortunately I had to downsize and sold the house. They did my current house almost 6 years ago and my beach house over 3 years ago, all of the houses still look perfect, I had minor touchups done on my beach house this summer after having new windows installed.

Thank you for the great work you guys have done for me over the years!



08:27AM | 10/13/09
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Hello. If you're reading this, then I assume you have had the same problem that I am having with Spray on Sididng (used to be called ALVIS).I had the peeling, bubbling but through a miracle and significant research, I was able to find the owner of the company that applied the coating. (He changed addresses and company names several times). This took some doing...but it can be done.

Anyway, after considerable back and forth and "delays", he did finally send a painter to scrape (I didn't realize how much had failed) and reapply the primer and then repaint. I KNEW that this was my one and only time I would EVER expect get anyone from the company out here (so much for lifetime transferrable guarantees). He did the work, but not well at all. I told the owner of the company I was satisfied, (which I certainly was not) but the truth is, I forsee the same problems reoccuring down the road. Well, I will NOT stand still and be bilked $12,500 (4 years ago) so I'm geared up again to persue other means of recourse.

I am writing this because, when I first posted here, I received NUMEROUS e-mails to my private e-mail address with similar stories of product failure, with NO means of repair work. Some were truly heartbreaking.

I have discovered 2 courses of possible remidiation and I plan to persue both. 1. There is a company called Rhino-shield 1-888-90 RHINO that seems to be benefiting from considerable "restoration work" to the shoddy practices of Spray on Siding. I spoke with them at length on 2 occasions and they will take on repair work. It is not free, of course but it might be less expensive than a total rehab paint job.

2. I just got off the phone with my state's Department of Consumer Protection who referred me to the states "Contractor's Board". Apparently most if not all states have a possible means of recourse through this "Contractor's Board" that may be able to help out. All contractors contribute to a fund as part of their licensing fee for the purpose of working with customers who have had significant issues with contractors in their state. I called my board just a few minutes ago and I had to leave a message, (of course)but the Department of the Attorney General referred me to them and suggested that I may have some recourse.

Now, I'm one of the lucky ones who DID get repair work done by Spray On Siding. The work was inferior but I realized that this would most likely be the only opportunity I would ever have with this company to have ANYTHING done on their "lifetime transferrable guaranty". So I played along with the painter, thanking him profusely for his work, while all the time being fully aware that the work was poor at best and anticipating more problems soon. So, I picked up the phone, called a carpenter and had him cut all the wood house shingles at the roof line and replace the areas with vinyl clad board that would never need painting. Looks good and I no longer have to worry about going on the roof to do touchup work. This cost me $375. That is $375 that I should NOT have had to spend to protect a lifetime guaranty spray on siding job. I am also cutting moldings for exterior use where the back deck and stairs intersect the shigles on the exterior wall of the house to apply OVER the repainted shingles to help prevent rot and loss of paint...again. I shouldn't have to do this either. My hope is that when the Contractor's Board returns my call (if), I may have some means of recourse. Ideally, I would like a full refund for the spray on job...and then I would vinyl side the house...but even if they reimbursed the $ would be worth the effort.

Now I realize I may be fantasizing that anyone at the Contractor's Board will give 2 hoots about my problem, but heck, it's worth a try.

I'll post back if I make any progress. Anyway, for all of you "Spray on Siding" victims out there, DON'T give up!!! There IS an answer somewhere. Unforrtunately, I believe the national headquarters of Spray On Siding is bankrupt...something about the owner being in jail on drug charges...but I can't confirm that. Someone e-mailed it to me.

Any contact that you make with anyone, Spray on Siding or your state government, you should document with phone number and extension, name, date, time of conversation and detailed notes. Fortunately, I did this wen I first signed my contract with Spray On Siding and retained phone numbers of many now ex-company employees that were helpful in getting me going.

Don't sit there. Get to work. Hopefully it will pay off. Alan

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