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11:35AM | 05/05/03
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What works well to kill weeds that is natural. I have dogs that I don't want having problems if they eat the grass near where we need to apply weed killer. I heard salt works? Others.


09:32AM | 05/06/03
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Salt kills everything. You don't want that.


11:07AM | 05/08/03
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Use a good quality weed killer. Just keep the dogs off it for a few days and you will be fine. You can do one half at a time if doing all at once would be a problem.


02:15PM | 05/12/03
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Table salt or salt you put on your driveway to melt ice or water softener salt? I am trying to find something that will kill everything in a pretty large area of my yard.

Jim D

11:34PM | 05/12/03
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Shanasmith - hi, rock salt like you'd use on your driveway would do what you want. You'd spread it on fairly thick and then water it in good. If the area's sloped, the water runoff will kill whatever's in its path. You'd end up with a lot of dead grass and it'd stay dead for at least a year. One thing to remember - nothing else will grow in that spot as well. Also, if you go in afterwards and take up the dead sod, you'll end up with a mudhole after every rain, as well as a source of dust that the wind will scatter everywhere. I hope this helps you - regards! Jim D/Heathsville, VA


11:02AM | 05/13/03
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You could also have some very unhappy neighbors it they are "downstream" and you kill their lawn or garden as well.
Why not just get some Roundup?

ps. I believe rock salt is bad for concrete. Better to use ice melt products if you gotta go that way.

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06:26PM | 05/31/03
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Vinegar works as well as Roundup for killing weeds and is much cheaper and safer. I have to apply it a few times to kill the grass in my stone driveway. Just pour it on straight; don't dillute with water. I also apply it when the ground has been dry for awhile and when there is no rain forecast for a couple of days. My thoughts are that the pesky grass is thirsty and will soak it right up. I don't want to apply it when rain is forecast so it doesn't get diluted or carried off by the rain.


09:59AM | 06/27/04
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Clove oil works well too, but it's more expensive than vinegar.

We sell a natural weed killer called Burnout II. It's made from vinegar, clove oil, and lemon. Vinegar works best when sprayed in hot sun, 73 degrees (F) or hotter. Check it out here:

Flame weeding is also an option. It was very popular in the days before chemicals, it's now making a comeback. Works well when you're weeding a rock garden. We have information on flame weeding here:

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