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06:23PM | 01/23/04
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to the point that I had to throw out six large boxes of baby clothes due to smell and mold.

I don't suppose there's any other way to fix this other than buying a dehumidifier? This is not an option right now as they're terribly expensive [$800 for the cheapest one we could find].

We're really hoping it was being caused by the washer that leaked buckets of water all over the floor [more stuff thrown out, grrrrrrr]. We've got another one hooked up that doesn't leak so we know it was the other washer and not any of the tubing or the sink.

But in case the old washer was not the cause of all the dampness, what else can we do? The house was built in the late 1800's, if this makes any difference. Nothing leaks into the basement [as in any plumbing or pipes from upstairs], the walls are sound and don't leak as far as we can see. No wetness has ever been seen but we'll have a better idea when it gets warm enough for it to actually melt [it was -31 here last week, not including the wind chill].

Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.


08:11PM | 01/24/04
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You might find a better deal on dehumid's at ebay.


02:48PM | 01/25/04
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It does take at least $600 to get a decent dehumidifier. A cheaper one will not last long and will cost more to run.

But to test for yourself wheather it is from within or from without, you can tape a piece of plastic to the floor and to the wall with duct tape sealing the edges. Cut the plastic about 2' square. If moisture colects under the plastic square, it is seeping into the interior space from outside.


04:37AM | 01/26/04
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Thanks, Retisin. I hadn't even thought of checking out Ebay.

Piffin, thanks for your advice. I know to be wary when buying used things. A lot of times ppl sell things still sealed in the box. Whether truth or not, you never know until you receive it. Buyer Beware and all. I'm going to peek anyway, just to see what's there.

And thanks K2 for searching for that URL for me! I'll check out that page right away!!

Rick and Teesa


01:19PM | 01/26/04
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Remeber to check out their ratings on Ebay

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