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10:23AM | 10/20/04
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The current scenario ( is ugly, rusty, and requires occasional maintenance to be effective.

The goal is a simple, pretty, rust-proof, maintenance-free solution.

The prize? A laminated certificate of engineering achievement placard placed by the drain in your honor, and my eternal gratitude. (I'll even email you a pic of the placard in place!)

Read on.

When it rains a lot, (and it's rained more here in the past few months than any other few-month period I can recall,) the small hole in the foundation from the old oil tank (used to be used for heating,) sends a little rivulet into my basement.

I came home from work during the first hurricane to find several of inches of water near the basement drain. ****. Then I pulled the pipe (diagram) out, and the water drained. Easy.

I knew the second hurricane was coming, so I removed the pipe. Rivulet of water came and went with little incident.

A few days ago, it rained all day and saturated the ground. Then, though there was only a "20% chance of showers" it rained cats and dogs last night. Rivulet returned, pipe was in the drain. Standing water ensued this morning.

So I plan to address the oil-tank hole as best I can in the spring. I need a solution until then, and in case I can't totally fix the problem in the spring.

Solution should:

1.-prevent gases (and water) from coming up through the drain

2.-allow for a similar pipe to accept a few drain-pipes (might add a sink in the basement)

3.-allow for "regular" non-pipe drainage w/out removal of said pipe

4.-not entail excessive digging or removal of the concrete floor

5.-not rust

I can't leave the drain open, because a nasty ass smell can pervade the house – and the GF sometimes forgets to put the pipe in when she does laundry (yes I’m lucky) and the whole-house humidifier drains into the pipe too.

I have a couple of ideas, but if you can think of anything, or need more fun diagrams, let me know.

Official rules:

If winning solution is a collaborative effort, individuals split prizes, except for my gratitude, as there'll be enough of that to go around.

I'm going back to my stinky, wet basement.



02:40PM | 10/20/04
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didn't parse right the first time


09:26PM | 10/21/04
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Posted the challenge to a list-serve I'm on. The following diagram outlines the proposed solution.

Looking for feedback.




09:14AM | 10/23/04
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That's the latest.

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