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08:04AM | 11/15/10
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We are evaluating companies for our basement french drain. One of the companies has an integrated vapor barrier system option. sound attractive to me. it likes this:

The vapor barrier's bottom will be burried into the french drain. On the top the vapor barrier sheet will be sealed with wall. I have a poured concrete basement. Poured in 1950. No water seen through the wall but lots of efflorescense.

What's your opinion about this?
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02:51AM | 11/18/10
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Inside system previously installed,LOTS of EFFLORESCENCE,some mold etc. Some cracks widening,getting WORSE and still leaks.

It still leaks,cracks getting worse,more efflorescence because your beloved inside systems do NOT stop water from where its first-entering most peeps homes...through exterior cracks,cracked parging etc as in photos and inside system don`t remove-reduce ANY exterior lateral soil pressure and any possible roots,concrete etc OFF exterior wall(s).

Same here, lots of EFFLORESCENCE,some mold,leaks-seeps ONLY along floor-wall joint DUE to EXTERIOR cracks,cracked parging,period end of story/NO inside system repairs/waterproofs ANY of these defects and doesn`t stop water from entering them,sheesh

An inside system company told this homeowner all they needed was to encapsulate the crawl,pfffttt!


09:28PM | 12/22/10
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05:14AM | 12/23/10
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bsmt solutions installs the standard waterproofing system as do MANY other waterproofers,,, you might say the founder was the gen-x of the industry - 1st to package bsmt waterproofing so it appeared attractive - nothing else was different - water still ran downhill for their systems as it did for ours; it still took the path of least resistance & sought its own level, etc.

the best solution's to excavate the foundation walls & do what the builder didn't - WATERPROOF the bsmt properly & not just according to code,,, you'll stop & prevent the ongoing & continuing damage to the block walls from water mixed w/soil acids.

yes, i know its expensive & yes, you probably won't get your investment returned when you sell but that's life,,, next time you'll know to hire a pro eng instead of a ' home inspector '

it wouldn't bother me to have basmt systems work in our home except for the fact they're so outrageous in price but just call me jealous ! get some competitors in there - we all install the same basic systems,,, good luck !


05:30AM | 12/23/10
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when that system is installed - you won't SEE it but it'll still be there - 1,000s of $ & all you've got now are shiny plastic walls hiding the same wall leaks & damage & you get a sump pump.

glad its your home & not ours.


02:29PM | 02/04/11
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We had an interior drain system installed in a previous house and it did a great job. One thing to think about --everyone says to check references, but as you do that go see the house in person and talk to the owner. You'll see for yourself if the basement is dry. No, you can't see what they covered up, but there shouldn't be any musty smell and the concrete patch should look professional.


08:25AM | 02/07/11
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Any attempt to remedy basement water infiltration should be attacked from the outside of the house first and work performed inside only as a last resort. The reason I say this is because you want to get to the root of the problem instead of dealing with the after effect of it. Make sense?


08:35AM | 02/07/11
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if you think managing leaking water is good that's fine but understand it will not stop the water.

the best method yet know is exterior excavation & building a proper drainage system,,, sometimes the groud water is so excessing an exterior AND interior sump & pump must be used.

bsmt system's methods are no different than other's however they do look prettier,,, from my experience, they're also much more expensive w/no appreciable benefit.

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