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04:15AM | 03/05/08
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I have a problem with water leakage from my chimney and lower part of my basement wall. I have several problems and don't know where to begin--I need to take or fill my 550 gallon oil tank that is in this same area. I need to have the base of the chimney fixed and also the leak to the concrete cider blocked wall. The problem is that wall and chimney are so below the ground and on top of it is a black topped driveway and a cement patio. Where do I begin--with a tank removal person and then someone to check the chimney and leak--do I need to call three different people to do the work. I know they will have to break up the driveway and patio but I am confused--whom should I call and which repair person first. Thank you. CC


03:27PM | 03/05/08
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i`ll stay w/what i do best...

basement waterproofing,how/where/why water FIRST enters.

i`ll post some PICTURES of leaky chimney, water coming outta chute door and under door/chimney.

first though, you need to be sure where/how water is FIRST entering.

it most often first enters on outside, through crack(s),sometimes rod holes on exterior of chimney wall(s) and through other openings, like where 1st course of bricks sits atop wall.

it can ALSO FIRST enter from ABOVE ground/above grade openings, openings in bricks,mortar joints,flashing etc...from ground level all the way to TOP...ANY opening/crack.

here`s some PIC`s of one job...

Pics 1-4 SOME Inside Co`s will/do misrepresent lots of things, one is saying crap like 'Oh, there isn`t enough room to excavate....NONSENSE as all can see.

5-7 hand digging it down, as always. 90+ degrees, not easy,especailly with rock hard clay.

8-10 vertical crack and,very thin horizontal crack. PLENTY of water can enter through small cracks.

12,13,14,16 'OTHER' openings....quite a bit of water can ALSO first enter through these kinds of LIL openings, from ground level, all the way UP to top of chimney.ALL need to be repaired

17,18 done. As many Inside Co`s also tottaly MISREPRESENT,lie,call it whatever ya like...they`ll say 'Oh,exterior work isn`t needed and it RUINS the landscaping plus, its very costly'...NONSENSE!

Job cost $825 done in 4 hours.

To find out have crack(s),openings BELOW ground in one or more Exterior chimney walls, you can run a WATER-HOSE TEST on outside, run hose near full blast at ground level AGAINST chimney WALLS. Soak the crap outta the soil, IF there is a crack etc, you`ll begin to see water enter chute door ot below door,if you have one of those doors that are 1-2 blocks above bsmt floor.

Run water up to about 1 hour or, of course if you get water in within 5,15,30 minutes ya know part or ALL of problem is below ground on exterior wall(s).

If you fon`t get any water in then,your openings/problems will be from ground level UP...openings in bricks,joints,flashing etc.

Only other way to get some water ouuta door is from condensation from furnace, it doesn`t happen often but can occur.

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