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05:40PM | 07/01/09
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Ohio State Waterproofing uses this product.

We have cracking walls from soil pushing at ground level - NO WATER intrusion.

They apply sheets of carbon fiber.

They claim Crack proof, shift proof, bow proof, frost proof, blast proof, age proof, water proof, pressure proof, goof proof.

No beams, No nuts or bolts to turn,No mess, No maintenance.

$450 per sheet we need 5 sheets.

Any thoughts or experiance?


11:02AM | 07/03/09
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When the CAUSE of the cracks or a basement wall bowing inward is in part or all due to expansive/clay soils is what OTHERS tell you to do

Fairfax County Virginia,scroll down to ---BASEMENT WALLS


THEY say, "Depending on the extent of damage,foundation walls MAY need to be replaced while OTHERS can be repaired.To PREVENT FUTURE damage,the clay MUST be REMOVED and REPLACED with sandy or gravelly soils" ......and waterproofed on the outside!

U S Army Corps of Engineers

Pic 1. Lateral pressure CAUSING typical 45 degree stair step crack in block basement wall

Pic 2. Lateral pressure causing vertical mid span crack

Pic 3. Lateral pressure causing top of basement wall to bow inward 9 inches.Pilasters FAILED to BRACE wall.

Carbon straps etc on the inside do not remove exterior weight/pressure against the wall,doesn`t relieve any weight/pressure and inside systems do not repair/waterproof EXTERIOR cracks in block walls.And sometimes there are OTHER weights/pressure against the outside of the wall such as, underground ROOTS or a porch footing or concrete slabs.

Underground ROOT that CAUSED exterior cracks in block wall which then allowed water to enter the basement.

Underground root,under the driveway,against basement wall where there is a crack in wall,where it leaks

CLAY and some of the roots that caused exterior cracks and loose-cracked parging on the exterior block wall,allowed water to enter which caused mold,efflorescence on inside basement wall

Scroll down a little to WATERPROOFING.....,0,6134261.story

Tells ya, "Be prepared to weed through an array of proposals from waterproofing contractors-A lot of THEM Bogus...."


03:32PM | 07/09/09
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Carbon Fiber is a fabric material when combined with a resin forms a solid structure. I have personal use with the product but not in a foundation application. It seems a bit overkill to introduce such an expensive product to be used below grade. The resin is the key to the success and longevity, not so much the carbon fiber. You can put the same resin on burlap and get similar results. While carbon fiber has great structural properties, it's not exactly known for use as a membrane. Also, any areas not saturated by the resin will be subject to de-lamination.


03:40PM | 07/09/09
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They can state or claim the product is fantastic in theory, but do they have any homes with this procedure done over 10 years ago?

Carbon fiber is a wonderful product for certain application.

All resins break down over time, if they state theirs does not, ask to get the MSDS sheet on the resin they use and send it to me. I will break down the components and let you know.


08:07AM | 08/09/13
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Carbon fiber is just that – it is a fiber made up of carbon. Carbon fibers have been found to be exceptionally strong, so that when the strands are woven, or run parallel with each other, they are significantly stronger than many other materials – like steel, for example.

StablWall is made up of thousands of strands of those carbon fibers, all running in the same direction. Since the strands are very strong and will not stretch, when it is bonded to a wall, the wall cannot stretch or move. Since the carbon fiber is bonded to the wall, it actually adds strength to the wall itself, making the wall stronger than it was before.

For more info and benefits on StablWall, please visit
Stablwall carbon fiber   wall support %2821%29

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