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02:55PM | 02/25/10
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(Photo`s) Here`s a smidgen of what inside system companies do not competently & honestly identify and do not repair-waterproof,that`s right they leave them open.

This set is my current favorite,seller poured NEW driveway and tarred along edge of new drive & house and painted inside wall (drylok)and there is more concrete underneath new driveway plus a DRAIN and piping,un-be-lievable!

Video, Unfair Business Practices? You bet! See 2 families,first cancels job and they still send him a $4,000 bill,bozo`s.

How about 2nd younf couple,bought house where Neverdry did a job years ago with one of those Warm `n fuzzy feeling LIFETIME Warranties,yeah right. Homeowners called because of water and....crumbling walls,please wake up people.

U S Army Corps of Engineers Photo`s

Fairfax County VA Scroll down to, Basement Wall Damage part they state, to prevent future damage, the clay MUST be REMOVED and replaced with sandy or gravelly soils....and the EXTERIOR side of wall should be waterproofed....


09:29AM | 03/23/10
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301 lifetime posts The cause(s) of the bow and the cracks...EXTERIOR cracks and cracked-parging is on the outside, Bozo`s! You can install 50,000 wall anchors but but should have been done/MONEY should have been spent on the outside...hand dig,remove and haul away CLAY soil that is against the wall and possible underground roots etc...and WATERPROOF the wall/cracks (STILL LEAKS Duh!) and backfill w/all gravel.

Soil gases,water ENTER through those exterior cracks and so THESE, inside systems/wall anchors/carbon straps etc do NOT repair/waterproof stop ANY of this ...Make sure ALL cracks around the outside of your house are SEALED (duh!), so mice,rats,snakes and insects can`t squeeze in(rats can get through 1/2" holes,mice can get through holes no bigger than dime). They cause about $5 BILLION in damages each year to homes etc, they can squeeze through a 1/32-inch crack Anything like this,or thinner. NO INSIDE SYSTEM w/sump pump etc stops/prevents this


09:27AM | 05/09/10
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Basement has been messed with by 2 different inside system companies,2 separate times....STILL leaks,cracks widening,more mold and efflorescence.

The CAUSES of the cracks/leaks/bowed walls/mold/efflorescence are STILL there,still on the outside.

Clay soil/lateral soil pressure and underground roots etc are still against-the-walls,ABSOLUTE incompetence,ignorance,fraud.

Homeowner already out BIG $$$ on the inside crap and now must spend MORE $$$ to fix it correctly,which should have been done long ago! Foolz.


03:41AM | 08/08/10
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DAMAGED Basement/Perma Seal

Video,homeowner still has leaky basement $12,000 later.

....better hope Mr engineer understands THIS subject THOROUGHLY for taht $700-$1,000-whatever FEE,some do NOT,just like MANY inside system weasels


07:32AM | 07/19/11
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Basement waterproofing ensures that water is not allowed to leak and sit on the foundation of your home. Sealed properly, you will have a structurally sound base that extends the life of your home.

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