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03:48PM | 08/12/02
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I am looking for some advice outside the scope of the people around me trying to sell me windows!!. I am building a 4300 SqFt 2 Story home in Florida that has about 60 windows in all. The house is in the 500,000+ area so its pretty top end. My main crisis is we were in a rush to get the house built within our budget so my designer fitted the home with a spec of "Single Pain Aluminum...PGT or Nu-Air " Windows true Grill divided. Now I am looking and thinking this was a mistake. Everybody is telling me they are not energy efficient at all. Some people are telling me to go double pain at a minimum and other say Vinyl with yet others with the spec windows and get a film installed later. My house faces fron to the north and the back to the south. Not many windows on either side but in the rear. When I asked my builder about the upgrade he told me it could double my window price to go to a double pain!!! I can not believe that. Now I have friends telling me to also keep the stock windows to avoid the change fee and just put a better AC unit in. My spec calls for 3 zone Trane 12 seer. I am thinking maybe to go up to the max of 18 depending on cost. Bottom line is we are over the house budget now with allowances just not meeting however I feel windows are something not so easy and cheap to replace later. My builder shows on our contract the existing windows costing about 11k and 3k for Installation. I am ready to go to home depot and get a quote from them!because another local dealer of PGT told me he can do double pain for that cost...I want to protect my house as a Investment and now it seems foolish to put single pain alum in a house this size...Any ideas? if you had a budget??

doug seibert

10:24AM | 08/16/02
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No help......Just a comment on your window pane problems..........."DOUBLE PAIN!"

Mark Hammond

05:26PM | 08/18/02
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Hi Tampa,
I thoroughly agree on double pane low-e glass with vinyl. You have mentioned just getting a bigger AC unit but with this also comes a bigger bill for cooling the house. As you mentioned this is not a small house! The prices vary on type of window, manufacturer and any extras but the cost for thermal pane will be considerably more than for single pane. In my opinion at this point you will save money over the long run even considering then re-fit costs by up-grading........Mark Hammond

M Largent

08:40PM | 09/27/02
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This is a late reply but here it is. I just replaced some dual pane aluminum windows in a house I am remodeling for resale. The house is in Madera, CA. Summers are quite hot here with many days over 100 degrees. I noticed a distinct difference on the transmitted heat between dual pane aluminum and dual pane vinyl low-e. When I stood behind the aluminum windows on a 100 degree day I got hot. I could stand behind the low-e vinyl all day and the sun would not be nearly as hot.

I like low-e vinyl from an energy standpoint but they take some getting used to when looking out the window. The viewing difference is also very distinct. The fact that you are viewing filtered light is noticable.

If I did it again I don't think I would have gone low-e on all the windows. I think I would have just gone dual pane vinyl in the living room on this north facing house


02:18PM | 09/28/02
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Your choice of windows depends on your location (Tampa) and which way they face (N,W,E or S). Here is a site that can give you some cost savings comparisons based on types of windows. I could not get a Tampa location but Orlando is in the same weather area. Can search for other locations also. Research 'Hard' vs 'soft' Low E coatings. Makes adifference if you are in a hot climate trying to keep heat out vs a cold climate trying to keep heat in.


01:45AM | 12/08/02
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I think you already have your answer, but here's my opinion.It would be foolish to use single glaze. Your trying to stay within a budget so think cost. The cost differance to upgrade now is minimal, this is not a area to cut corners. Your talking about less than 3% of your cost. If you need to cut costs, do it in areas where it's easy to do later like flooring or fixtures.


07:04PM | 12/08/02
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Cheap windows cost you three times. Once to install. Twice to heat and cool. Thrice to remove and replace.

BTW, you can't use the words budget and rush in the same sentence. Rush jobs cost more as do changes. This change will be worth it and your builder is not pulling your pants down. If anyone did you wrong, it was the architect in the first place. There is an energy code in this country from the Dept of Energy mandating certain standards in new homes. The only thing I would spec single glazed for is a barn or similar shelter, not a dwelling for human habitation.

Good luck!


05:17PM | 12/13/02
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I would not use anything but insulated glass with Low-E.

As others have posted, you will save money in the long run.

Whenever I have visited friends down south, I am amazed that they don't think that insulated glass will save them money!

Installation should be the same cost because they have the same nailfins.

The only thing that I'm not sure about would be the seal failure because of the heat. But, I really don't think that would be much of a problem.

Windows are never the place to skimp. Like other posters have said, it is one of the things that will cost you so much more to change later.

Good luck,

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