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11:11AM | 02/10/03
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During the winter months we have developed condensation on our windows. We have double-hung windows and each year that passes they are showing more condensation. I want to know if their is a quick fix to this problem. We are selling our house soon, but would like to fix this before showing our house. Buying all new windows is not a option. Help Please!!!


01:14PM | 02/11/03
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I had a similiar problem with my old house and you need to try to get more moisture out of the house. You may not have adequate roof vents in the house. You might also run some sort of dehumidifier or something. My new (new to me)house will occasionally have some condensation on the lower parts of the windows in the morning when the shutters (plantation) have been shut and interior heat has not been permitted to get to them.


10:44PM | 02/11/03
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If you have a crawl space
Vapor barrier in crawspace solved my condensation problem I had tried everything
good luck clax


04:42AM | 02/12/03
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Have you by chance closed a heating vent in that area? Lack of moving air might contribute to condensation that wasn't happening before.
My wife had a house plant that didn't like moving air, so she closed the nearby vent. It was better for the plant but bad for air control.


02:00PM | 02/12/03
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John,Clax, and Rp.
Thank you for the information. I will run the furnance fan and get some air moving in the house. I will find out soon if it works. Thanks again to all!!


R Hunter

01:48AM | 03/01/03
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I have a new home (8 months old) and I have a double hung window in the master bath which is on he N side of the home. I am SE Texas and it does not get to cold here in the winter. We do not use the heat very much.
The problem I have had lately is that the window has condensation on it in the mornings and now all day. This is affecting the drywall around the window by staining it.
Please asst.


06:27AM | 03/01/03
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Window condensation problem. Running the furnance fan did the trick. Thanks to all, we did sell our house with not a problem with condensation on windows while they looked at the house.

Thanks again to all!!



08:19AM | 12/16/13
Here is my personal experience: If you have blinds or curtains pulled, the air in the room won't circulate and condensation -- even ice -- will form. This will happen no matter what brand of windows you have. Mine are Marvin wood/clad, which are some of the best. In my situation, I had a bedroom on the upper level of my house that I kept closed and blinds drawn. I thought I was doing a good thing, energy wise, but it made condensation and ice form in winter. I finally tried raising the blinds and leaving the door open and no more condensation problems! I also suspect that showering and cooking while not running external exhaust fans exacerbated the situation.

Anyhow -- for more info -- Andersen Windows has a really great video that helps explain condensation, why it happens, and how to prevent it (I am not employed by Andersen, nor sell their products).

For those who don't want to bother watching the video (it's only 3 min long), here's the take-away:

"Condensation doesn't mean there's a problem with your windows. In fact, the presence of condensation could actually be a sign that your windows have good, tight seals. Everything that makes homes more energy efficient also locks moisture inside your house and increases the chances of condensation forming."

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