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01:10PM | 05/13/03
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I just started looking at replacement windows for my home and met with the first company (Newpro) last night. I know that I needed an education, but I was really, really shocked at the price.

I have 10 windows that are 28" X 30" and one that is 29" x 31" and one that is 18" x 25". A total of 12 windows. The price came to $18,000 for vinyl replacement (I guess something has been added to the vinyl to make it stronger - but I can't remember what). They are triple pane windows and certainly seem like quality windows. But is $1500.00 per window a little steep for my little windows. It does include basic installation.

I just was thinking/hoping it would be less than half of that.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


02:15PM | 05/13/03
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Hello, My name is Dave, and I live on Long Beach Island N.J. Down here, the realestate is very high, and I guess the contractors think everyone that lives here is loaded. Well I am not loaded, and I just started fixing up my beach house, and I just did the replacement window reasurch, and had contacted a contractor from an area 1 from here. He installed 16 Napco windows. All welded seams,extra heavy pittsburg plate glass panes, as well as their patiented chanel between the argon gass filled sashes! They even have the u-v protection! They were$250.00 each installed!!!!!!! If you want an excelent windo..."NAPCO"!!! Dave.......


07:15PM | 05/14/03

I am not sure what part of the country you live in, or who the window is made by, but replacement windows are measured by the U.I. (united inch). The sizes you gave are not that large, and the pricing does seem a bit high.
Be sure to get at least three bids, and check ALL the references you get from any contractor. There are still people who look to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.
I have been in the remodeling industry for most of my life, and I can say that if you are looking for a quality window made by a great company, look at The Excalibur Window from Alside. They have been around since 1947 (not many others can say that), it is a wonderful window. For the size opening you have it would work great.
Like I said, I have been around for a while, and 2 summers ago when my mother needed new windows, I didn't even think twice.
Take a look at their website: I know you will like what you see, and they have dealers in a majority of the U.S.

Good Luck!


03:27PM | 05/16/03
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The cost of replacement windows should be far less than what you were quoted.

An average double hung vinyl replacement window costs about $150 and another $100 to install.

For your 10 windows this should cost no more than $2500-$3000 installed by a local contractor.

Forget the big 'name' distributors...

Call Joe Blow from the phone book and get a great deal....


04:52AM | 05/20/03
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That is very high. I replaced windown in a house a couple of years ago with Millguard dbl hung loe2 and with grids. The cost was about 6000 for about 11 windows. They ranged in size from 36"w x 50"h to 6'w x 50" h. Good luck.


01:37AM | 06/10/03
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If your skilled at using power tools I would suggest replacing them yourself. The first one would be the hardest since you wouldn't know what to expect (i.e. making the rough opening larger or smaller) but once you figured out the first installation problems the rest would be much easier. This would cut down the costs considerably and you could be more meticulous when insulating around the windows. I replaced all of my windows (approx. 13) and I may have spent $5000 (Andersen casement windows). It may take more time than having a contractor come in and do it in a day but you'll feel better having done it yourself.


05:50PM | 06/13/03
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That price is way to high,even if the windows were $400.00 a piece that's $4800.00 then they are charging you 13 grand to install.
call someone else to do this get more estimates you don't need to have the people where you bought windows from to do the work.
Or yes replace them yourself,once you do the 1st one it is easier.If you can read a tape and a level is pretty easy.

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