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10:30AM | 06/11/04
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New construction, need to choose a window company. Looking at Pozzi, Marvin, Kolbe, Pella, Eagle, Andersen. I understand they all make various lines, I want the high end. I want the best but will settle for second best if it's a much better value. Pro's and Con's welcome.

Thank you


11:01AM | 06/12/04
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All these companies make different types & styles. What type are you looking for? Wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum...?What style? Dbl hung, casement, awning...? Some offer options others don't. What options do you want?


02:16PM | 06/12/04
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Sorry, I thought they all had simular options. I want a high end casement wood window with aluminum clad exterior. Divided lites, dual glazed. Looking for quality. Thanks


04:16PM | 06/12/04
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If you are looking for aluminum clad you can erase Andersen from your list. They are a vinyl-clad product. I'm not sure if you are the same poster from the GardenWeb forums. If not go to the link below where there is a large discussion on many of the windows you are investigating including my posts on matters relating to Kolbe & Kolbe and some of the defect and leaking problems relating to their Ultra Clad series.

This is a link to the discussion inside the forum:

Or just search the Garden Web under Building a Home Forum. The subject is: Kolbe Eagle Marvin Pozzi Andersen Pella.

Good Luck with your search,



05:39PM | 06/12/04
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I would put Marvin and Kolbe at the top of that list

Excellence is its own reward!


09:45PM | 06/14/04
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I think your going to find they are all pretty comparable if you are going for the high end. I would stay away from the Kolbe's. I think Fighter is right on about them. I used them in my last remodel and I think it was a mistake. I'm doing another addition and will probably go with the Pella or Marvin, whichever bid comes in lower.


09:54PM | 06/14/04
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I'm going to throw out a name that has not been mentioned yet. Sierra Pacific Industries has a great window division. I have used them in various projects working directly with the distributor. The window quality was absolutely top notch and I received excellent service from the submittal of a competitive bid, delivery of the materials to follow-up on the sale. You never heard of them, but the parent company is the largest timber company in California, and their windows are worth considering.


05:44PM | 06/15/04
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lelaqnd, If it comes to a price comparison between Marvin and Pella, I can gaurantee you that Pella will come in lower, but the frustration level of using them will be higher. I have never had a Pella ordeer that has leeft me fully satisfied, only marginally competant. On a $38,000 order right now, I am waiting to see if the promised June 29 date will resolve all the many prohblems they sent me .

Excellence is its own reward!


12:17PM | 04/16/13
Pozzi: crap
Marvin: excellent
Kolbe: crap
Pella: possible crap
Eagle: crap
Andersen: ok


08:46PM | 10/22/13
Most contractors won't use a high end windows for new construction homes they lean more towards mud to low range. For the very best replacment window it would be Bristol windows. Very well insulated


01:53AM | 03/29/14
Very nice! eedbedgadk


01:37PM | 06/25/16
Marvin is without a doubt the most premium window on the market. With such a premium comes quality service and support, a multitude of options and configurations, and a long-time existing operation. As the old adage goes "You pay for what you get", so if you wish to replace your windows again with 20 years don't go Marvin. But if you wish to have long-lasting, performance windows with beauty then choose Marvin every time.

Plus if you money is no object, look into their Signature line. 100% custom designed and built products that allow the customer or builder to receive whatever they desire.


10:03PM | 06/26/16
I have had Anderson and Anderson Renewal and Marvin - forget the Anderson - the cores rot. The Anderson renewal are better except the crank on the casements is poorly designed and you need to grab the sash to help open and close the window as the gearing is wrong.

Concetta Parsons

07:54AM | 07/26/16
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I got my window replaced with fixed casement window by Canglow Windows and Doors few months before. They have wide variety of latest window styles. They replaced my Jalousie window with fixed casement window. The quality of the window is just awesome. It’s exterior color is Antique Ivory and it’s grid type is colonial bar. These windows can resist all weather conditions and they need minimal maintenance


09:43PM | 02/03/19
Thoughts on Preservation? maxx 7 or Maxx 10


08:26PM | 12/11/19
I have been installing windows for years and i personally think “ high end vinyl” are by far the most energy efficient and air tight, far exceeding the performance of wood windows. Its important to choose higher end vinyl and NOT cheaper vinyl sold in building supply stores. The higher end brands also look very nice and do not look cheap, they often have nice designs. Some higher end brands are: Okna Windows, Sunrise, Soft Lite, Majestic, and Kensington.
Higher end vinyl also have no maintenance like wood and they are priced much better. As usual, higher a reputable replacement window company and not some “ jack of all trades” contractor who works out of his garage or the “ family friend”. If you do, you are only asking for problems.


10:27AM | 01/20/20
Well said. I totally agree with the above post and choosing “ higher end” vinyl such as okna, soft lite, kensington, or sunrise.The majestic is also pretty solid. Higher end vinyl is much more energy efficient than wood windows.
I also agree, NEVER hire a guy that works out of his gargage or the friend of the family or even the weekend contractor who does it on the side. You will almost always have problems. Hire a reputable replacement window company.


12:23PM | 03/29/22
Most contractors won't use a high end windows for new construction homes they lean more towards mud to low range. For the very best replacment window it would be Dakowindows. Very well insulated

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