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11:57AM | 04/19/14
Our main trunk line including the condenser to the ac is in the attic. Ever since we moved here in '87 the condensation has drained out a regular 1/2" plastic garden hose laid between the ceiling joists, traveling about ten feet out to the eave and through the soffit.

I replaced the hose washer at the the connection the the pan when I noticed water coming through the ceiling tile back in '88. For years, every spring, I think should have that hose replaced with a more permanent drain. But I have never gotten around to it.

I am supposing whoever installed it in the first place, probably the HAVAC guys, did it because it was easy to snake a hose out to the eave, and the hose is flexible to bend through the opening in the soffit.

Do you guys think the hose is fine, or is the plastic in danger of crumbling completely?

What would be a better arrangement? Flexible copper? Pex? Working with PVC would be a b*tch in the tiny space between the roof and soffit.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Duane, Moderator

09:47PM | 04/21/14
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Thanks for your question,
In most areas schedule 40 pvc #/4 drain pipe is recommended, In residential building. You do however need a p- trap and a clean out T ( the clean out should go before the trap) and make sure you have proper grade. You will also want to insulate the the p- trap if it is located in the attic. I also do not recommend to drain into the gutter unless you have no other means of getting the drain line outside and away from the foundation.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Duane / expert moderator

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