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08:53AM | 10/14/06
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I had to resest the garage door opener to program a new remote and now my keypad doesnt work. How do I reset it. I don't know the old password only the one I was using. The model # is 132B2171-2. Please help.


11:08AM | 10/14/06
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Chamberlain makes the Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman openers. They all use the same type of remotes.

But the type has changed over the years and I can't tell from the Sears model number of the keypad.

Get the model of the opener from the opener. And look it up here.

They click on the remote used for that model.

Then look down the page and there be compatabile keypads.

Click on the Liftmaster/Chamberain/Sears and not the 3rd party.

Then click on instructions.


08:55AM | 10/15/06
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Here are the specifics of my equipment:

Wireless Keyless Operator Part#: 976LM / 976LMC

garage door opener part#: 41A5021-2C

I read the instructions for the keyless entry keypad but my garage door opener does not have a "Learn" Button. The only button it has is a red reset button also used to program the car garage door openers. My door opener located at the house entry does not have a space bar. It has the open button, a light button, and a lock button. I haven't had any luck as a result. I still need your assistance. Please advise. Thanks.


01:38PM | 10/15/06
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The opener does have a red POWER reset button. But that does not having anything to do with programing the remote.

Now the instructions for the remote mention an Orange Learn button.

The learn button is located near where the wires connect for the sensors and the wall control. There will be led beside it.

On some models you need to open of the light cover to get to it.

That is what is used when reprogamin the remote. Reset is not it's main function, but if you hold it down for a period of time (30 sec?) it does clear or reset the memory of all remotes.

It might be that Sears version of the button is a red and not orange, not sure.

The keypad instructions don't mention a Space Bar.

What they say is to HOLD the Enter button on keypad. Then, while still holding the keypad enter button press the Light Button on the wall control. Then while holding the first two, press the "Button" on the wall control. The Button is the large lighted button used to open the door.

But first put a new battery in the keybad.


10:37AM | 08/02/07
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Its me again and I have a question about the garage door opener located on the wall as you enter my house from the garage. The light continually blinks rapidly and since this has occured our wireless car garage door openers are not working. What is causing this? Please help. Thanks.


07:24PM | 08/02/07
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That indicates that the opener is in LOCK mode.

Push the lock button for 2 seconds.


05:30PM | 10/16/07
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I too have begun having a sporadic lock-mode activation problem.

It never used to happen; but, as of late it happens very regularly. And, we don't have an in-garage wall switch with the LOCK button on it at all.

I tried holding the only "door" bar on our wall panel for several extra seconds to see if this would turn on/off Lock mode; but, it does not.

Weird thing is that I can use a long rod to reach the open and press the program button and everything seems to go back to normal. I don't even have to re-learn the car remotes. Otherwise, it works fine.

It's a Sears Opener (Model: 41a4207-1), built in about 1993.

I have an email in to Chamberlain to see what they know. They're the mftr.

If anyone comes across a solution to this problem, please please let me know.

The replacement circuit board is $65-$75. Replacing the circuit board will become important for I just spent $50 to have new car remotes shipped to me, thinking that was the problem. They work great, except when the thingy goes lock-down on me.


05:07PM | 03/09/09
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I have this exact problem with this same model keypad. Have you found a solution? Any help would be great.


03:51AM | 03/10/09
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I was able to fix this problem but did it so long ago that I don't remember what I did. I did a quick search and found this:

Hope it works for you.


10:43AM | 06/25/09
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I had to resest the garage door opener to program a new remote and now my keypad doesnt work. How do I reset it. I don't know the old password only the one I was using. The model # is 132B2171-2. Please help.


06:47PM | 10/18/09
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i HAVE CRAFTSMAN keypad 138b2171-2 and the previous owner did not leave password. the motor is PN 53920. Please email any tipes to I tried, hold green reset button for 6 seconds, type password into keypad and hold enter key then hit green reset button again.

Any help is appreciated..


06:37PM | 01/23/13
where is the battery located in the keypad


08:51AM | 03/03/13
I had to change out my garage door opener. I used the same size and type opener, a craftsman 1/2 HP opener. I used the existing wiring for the sensors and the wired opener. When I tried to program the remotes, they wouldn't take. I had a couple remotes that came with the unit, but no wireless pad. I tried to reprogram the existing pad and that wouldn't take as well. Is there anyway that this pad will work, or do I have to purchase a new pad?


08:40PM | 05/10/13
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my keypad works to close my garage door,
but my keypad won't open it when it is close,
the keypad will open it when it is going down,
but when it stops to the garage floor it won't open again


05:49PM | 05/27/13
When it's. Cold out my key pad in garage door does not open should I change the keypad


08:14PM | 06/26/13
I want to find the model of wireless keyless keypad for my opener 139.18453DM which has security+. I couldn't find anything from , and where can I get it from? please help.


12:03PM | 07/30/13
Change the 9V battery in the keypad assembly.


12:03PM | 07/30/13
Meant for BV001151.


09:27PM | 08/29/13
pad blinks, held down red button, entered code and it still doesn't work.


01:40AM | 10/01/13
the new keyless pad is not connecting to garage opener


02:48PM | 10/21/13
I changed the battery in my keyless pad but it still does not work. It does not even light up when I press the buttons. Do I need a new keyless remote?


01:00PM | 01/24/14
The info on the "LOCK" button on the keypad solved my problem. Thanks for having this site!


12:40PM | 04/13/18
I don't have specifics at the moment but, I can't get my garage door keypad to work if I'm using the remote. It's either one or the other, both will not work at the same time. Garage door is Craftsman and bought at Sears. I have the manual and instructions and have never been able to get this to work.

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