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02:09PM | 01/03/15
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I am searching for 29 Diago Ceramica 17"x17" square tiles. The series is Metal and the color is Beige. I need at least 29 but would purchase up to 50 tiles, and I'm more than happy to purchase smaller amounts from multiple sellers in order to get the amount I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


12:57PM | 03/27/15
Did you ever find any? I need some too.


01:03PM | 11/17/15
I also need about 36 cases of 17x17in. to cover 580 sq.ft. of Diago Ceramicas Metal Beige Tile.


01:33PM | 11/17/15
I have three cases of Diago Ceramicas 17x17in Metal Beige Tile but I needed 36 cases to cover living/dining rooms. Since I can't get the 36 cases, I will be glad to sell you two of the three cases I have leftover from covering my kitchen floor.


03:34PM | 12/08/15
I need 12 17x17 metal beige tiles. Can anyone help me with this small quantity? My email is Thank you!


06:48PM | 02/24/16
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I need 30 pieces, 13x13 Atlas Biege


06:51PM | 02/24/16
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please reply to if you have diago atlas biege


11:16AM | 03/28/16
I'm in need of 16 - 17"x17" metal sienna tile due to the living room floor sinking.


11:16AM | 03/28/16
I'm in need of 16 - 17"x17" metal sienna tile due to the living room floor sinking.


10:38PM | 04/18/16
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Need 5 or so metal beige tile. Any size.
e mail me


09:25AM | 05/30/16
We are in need of the time as well. We need enough for 255!square feet. Thank you!


02:38PM | 06/28/16
Looking for Diago ceramica metal beige 17x17. Need about 5 tiles. Todd Thank you.


06:46PM | 11/06/16
I am also looking for some 13x13 metal beige tiles. I need about 20 of them for a remodeling project.



12:56AM | 11/08/16
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hello i'm new user.

jessica patel


10:00PM | 05/02/17
Hi, we are looking for 10 pieces of 13"x13" Diago Metal Beige Tiles, if you have tiles with irregular edge cuts, that would be the best.




04:02PM | 07/24/17
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Our home flooded and a few of the tiles were damaged during repairs so we are in need of 17x17 metal beige(about 6 tiles) if you can spare them. Please email me at


02:55AM | 10/15/17
I am looking for Diago ceramics metal beige 17" x 17". I need 5 tiles but am willing to buy a full box. My e-mail is


12:39PM | 10/19/17
Hello my name is Sam

Did any one found any metal beige 17x17 I need 2 pcs let me know


08:15PM | 02/21/18
I'm looking for Diago Metal Beige 13x13 tiles to make some floor repairs. If you have any you'd like to sell please e-mail me at


07:09PM | 04/03/18
I have 5 boxes of metal beige 17x17 diago ceramicas Tile. Willing to sell for $45/box. I'm in the Phoenix, Az area and will deliver if necessary. My email is


05:39PM | 05/27/18
I’m looking for Diago Ceramicas Metal Beige 13x13. I need only 3 or 4 tiles, but will buy more if anyone has any. -


09:18AM | 06/04/18
content://media/external/file/43514 they have 45 tiles on sale on facebook. $40


04:11PM | 06/06/18
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This one is similar but diff tile, I'm looking for Diago Ceramicas San Donato 17 X 17 Beige Tile. I need 2 boxes if possible. Willing to pay and shipping, please contact me
Thanks Glenn


02:14PM | 01/18/19
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Need two boxes of Diago Ceramicas Metal Beige 13x13
GRES UNE 67177-85

Please email


03:25PM | 03/04/19
I’m looking also for the metal beige tile at this point I don’t care what size


05:31AM | 04/03/19
I am seeking the Diago metal beige 17X17 tiles.,i need about 15. If anyone can help for sale plz email me at


10:23AM | 04/07/19
Please email me at if you have the 17x17 metal beige Diago Ceramica tile. I will pay for tile and shipping. Needing about 12-15 pieces or 2 boxes! THANK YOU!

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