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09:07AM | 12/02/15
I have a cape-cod style house with finished upper with cathedral ceilings. I've noticed some condensation issues in the late fall/early spring when temps are in the 30-40 degree range; I can see in a couple places where the drywall is moist at the drywall seam. I've also had moisture run down the walls from the peak. Last night I did some investigating and found that the knee-walls are not insulated at all. Ceiling appears to be insulated with fiberglass batts from the floor (floor joists are covered by plank all the way to the roof line) to the peak, no air baffles. There are no gable or soffit vents. No ridge vent. I had a guy lined up to install ridge vents this fall, but he was too busy and it isn't going to happen this year.

I want to check to make sure I insulate and ventilate this correctly:
1. Add two gable vents to each side of the finished attic space, with one on each side being powered.
2. Add unfaced R13 insulation to the knee-walls, tyvac house wrap to hold it in place on the (cold) attic side.
3. Remove ceiling joist insulation from the floor to the top of the knee-wall. Insulation from knee-wall to the peak stays in place.
4. Add ridge vents in the spring.


09:32AM | 12/02/15
After doing a little more reading, I might have discovered the issue. I didn't say anything about this on my first post because I didn't think it was relevant and I didn't know how to explain it without becoming overly complicated. I found a post that having ceiling insulation all the way down to the floor is an acceptable way of insulating a knee-wall.

On the drywall that I see the moisture, that side of the house has a small roof addition that meets the original roof that is insulated at a 90 degree angle. I don't know what that type of roof is called. Anyway, that addition is not insulated at all and has large opening into the original roof that is insulated, allowing the cold air into the insulated space between the original roof and the knee walls.


09:39AM | 12/02/15
Here is a street view of my house, so the roof can be seen to reference. The vent seen on the front of the house is fake and does not open into the attic.
House street view

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