05:35AM | 09/22/09
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I purchased my home 3 years ago and was told that the windows were Jeld-wen windows. Had I known that Jeld-wen bought Caradco, I would have NEVER purchased this home! I had caradco windows in my previous home and they were rotting and leaking and now in this home, I have even worse problems with the windows. When I contacted the company last year, I was told that since the home was built in 2000, that my warrante had expired and that I would be responsible for replacing the rotten windows. Now help me understand, I paid almost a million dollars for this home and now I have to pay again for the rotting, leaking windows - .......


05:21AM | 02/01/10
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I understand your "pain" which is like thousands of others across the USA. It appears that when Jeld-Wen purchased Caradco in 1997 from Alcoa they did not grasp the idea that their pine-made wood windows parts should be sealed, rather than primed, and when they cut the wood (sills, sashes, etc.,) to length for a particular size window it left the ends as raw exposed wood all susceptable to rot? In 2004, Jeld-Wen finally developed a process called "Auralast" which has maybe stopped this rot or rotting?

I have other info and contact me at [email protected] if you care to


04:57PM | 02/01/10
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How about a $2M house with the same Caradco "rotten" wood window problems? It is NOT about the money but about the Company's integrity and "doing the right thing" for your Customers!


02:43PM | 06/17/13
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I was so surprised to see this post. We purchased our home, new, in 1976 and, today, in 2013, the Caradco windows that were in the home seem to be as good as the day they were put in.

We did put storm windows/screens over all the windows within a year of moving in, but those Caradco windows are nice and tight and there isn't a sign of rot anywhere.

In fact, when a realtor had recently mentioned replacing the windows (it's time for us to move), I actually thought he was crazy for suggesting perfectly good, functioning windows to be replaced. When I asked why, his response was that anything over 25 years old is considered old!!

Why should a sound, tight window be replaced--even if it's a 100 years old?!?

The only thing I didn't like about these windows were the springs--entirely unnecessary with the flexible metal side grooves which keep the windows neat and tight...which they still are. So much so that I came across this post only by looking for replacement grilles for a couple of them. Stunned by the post for I still love my Caradco windows and am so very sorry that someone else didn't have a similar experience.


02:19PM | 06/19/13
I'm the head of maintenance for a condo community in Virginia and actively looking for replacement sashes for a variety of different sized CARADCO casement windows installed back in the late 90's. I have never in my 40+ years in the construction industry seen windows go bad so quickly.Just like so many things today they were made to sell,but not to last. I am having sash members milled out of poplar and water sealing them prior to reinstalling, it's time consuming and not as cost effective as I would like, but cheaper than replacing the whole unit. Thanks CARADCO#!%&


10:34AM | 06/24/13
If I was purchasing a one or two million dollar home I would have done more research on the windows and doors in the home before purchasing. Contractors put in cheap materials then the realtors sell these homes as "high end" homes? talking about the quality of the home and such then the banks loan money on these "cheap" homes just all a racket to put money in everyones pocket at your expense but then as a homeowner myself it is YOUR responsibility to research the home before buying just not beleiving every thing a realtor says, to me realtors are just one step above a used car salesman! Ripoffs!!


02:45PM | 06/24/13
What a pain!! Built our 2 million $ home in '99, installed Caradco throughout, windows & doors. Had a great contractor but I guess he believed the hype Caradco was selling at the time too. Have a replacement gut coming out today to give me an estimate on replacing a couple windows that seal must have "broken" because they are totally FOGGED, can't even see through any more!!! No rotting tho, probably because we live in Vegas & everything stays dry. Really regret these windows!!


12:14PM | 07/10/13
We put in Caradco windows 23 years ago and had two that fogged due to broken seals most likely because they are on the side of the house that birds tend to crash into our windows plus it gets the strongest sun there. All the rest are doing great. We live in the woods in Ohio and there is no rot whatsoever although some of our cedar siding had had some through the years. I wouldn't knock this company so hard.


06:07PM | 08/21/13
I have had nothing but problems from my so-called high end custom patio doors, I had them installed in 2001, here it is 2013 and im having to replace them. I wouldnt buy from them again.


02:30PM | 08/22/13
good thing they don't exist anymore, well kind of, hopefully jeldwen improved them when they bought caradco
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