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05:35AM | 09/22/09
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I purchased my home 3 years ago and was told that the windows were Jeld-wen windows. Had I known that Jeld-wen bought Caradco, I would have NEVER purchased this home! I had caradco windows in my previous home and they were rotting and leaking and now in this home, I have even worse problems with the windows. When I contacted the company last year, I was told that since the home was built in 2000, that my warrante had expired and that I would be responsible for replacing the rotten windows. Now help me understand, I paid almost a million dollars for this home and now I have to pay again for the rotting, leaking windows - .......


05:21AM | 02/01/10
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I understand your "pain" which is like thousands of others across the USA. It appears that when Jeld-Wen purchased Caradco in 1997 from Alcoa they did not grasp the idea that their pine-made wood windows parts should be sealed, rather than primed, and when they cut the wood (sills, sashes, etc.,) to length for a particular size window it left the ends as raw exposed wood all susceptable to rot? In 2004, Jeld-Wen finally developed a process called "Auralast" which has maybe stopped this rot or rotting?

I have other info and contact me at if you care to


04:57PM | 02/01/10
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How about a $2M house with the same Caradco "rotten" wood window problems? It is NOT about the money but about the Company's integrity and "doing the right thing" for your Customers!


02:43PM | 06/17/13
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I was so surprised to see this post. We purchased our home, new, in 1976 and, today, in 2013, the Caradco windows that were in the home seem to be as good as the day they were put in.

We did put storm windows/screens over all the windows within a year of moving in, but those Caradco windows are nice and tight and there isn't a sign of rot anywhere.

In fact, when a realtor had recently mentioned replacing the windows (it's time for us to move), I actually thought he was crazy for suggesting perfectly good, functioning windows to be replaced. When I asked why, his response was that anything over 25 years old is considered old!!

Why should a sound, tight window be replaced--even if it's a 100 years old?!?

The only thing I didn't like about these windows were the springs--entirely unnecessary with the flexible metal side grooves which keep the windows neat and tight...which they still are. So much so that I came across this post only by looking for replacement grilles for a couple of them. Stunned by the post for I still love my Caradco windows and am so very sorry that someone else didn't have a similar experience.


02:19PM | 06/19/13
I'm the head of maintenance for a condo community in Virginia and actively looking for replacement sashes for a variety of different sized CARADCO casement windows installed back in the late 90's. I have never in my 40+ years in the construction industry seen windows go bad so quickly.Just like so many things today they were made to sell,but not to last. I am having sash members milled out of poplar and water sealing them prior to reinstalling, it's time consuming and not as cost effective as I would like, but cheaper than replacing the whole unit. Thanks CARADCO#!%&


10:34AM | 06/24/13
If I was purchasing a one or two million dollar home I would have done more research on the windows and doors in the home before purchasing. Contractors put in cheap materials then the realtors sell these homes as "high end" homes? talking about the quality of the home and such then the banks loan money on these "cheap" homes just all a racket to put money in everyones pocket at your expense but then as a homeowner myself it is YOUR responsibility to research the home before buying just not beleiving every thing a realtor says, to me realtors are just one step above a used car salesman! Ripoffs!!


02:45PM | 06/24/13
What a pain!! Built our 2 million $ home in '99, installed Caradco throughout, windows & doors. Had a great contractor but I guess he believed the hype Caradco was selling at the time too. Have a replacement gut coming out today to give me an estimate on replacing a couple windows that seal must have "broken" because they are totally FOGGED, can't even see through any more!!! No rotting tho, probably because we live in Vegas & everything stays dry. Really regret these windows!!


12:14PM | 07/10/13
We put in Caradco windows 23 years ago and had two that fogged due to broken seals most likely because they are on the side of the house that birds tend to crash into our windows plus it gets the strongest sun there. All the rest are doing great. We live in the woods in Ohio and there is no rot whatsoever although some of our cedar siding had had some through the years. I wouldn't knock this company so hard.


06:07PM | 08/21/13
I have had nothing but problems from my so-called high end custom patio doors, I had them installed in 2001, here it is 2013 and im having to replace them. I wouldnt buy from them again.


02:30PM | 08/22/13
good thing they don't exist anymore, well kind of, hopefully jeldwen improved them when they bought caradco


09:55AM | 08/28/13
I'm thinking of purchasing a home with Jelden (sp?) windows and Caradco doors on a sunroom built in August of 2008. The above is kind of scary. Does anyone have experience with the products made around that time?


09:57AM | 08/28/13
(About previous post). I can be contacted at Thanks.DFRKQS


06:19PM | 09/28/13
Same Stupid situation.. I have 45 double hung Caradco window in by house which was built in 2000. I have 18 of them that have fogged up and cna't even see through. I did get some replacement glass from Weld-Jen. When replacing them, about 7 of the sashes have rotted. These are Aluminum clad windows, The bottom of the clad has actually pulled loose.


06:22PM | 09/28/13
I forgot to add, Jeld-Wen has offered me a 40% off for the replacement sashes which they quoted the dicount price of $170 for the bottom sash and $140 for the top sash....What a Bargain, right....


04:19PM | 03/16/14
We have a 5000 square foot house in Charlotte we built in 1988 tha thas Caradco windows that are still in good shape.



12:46PM | 04/17/14
I had them installed in 1990 and to this day they are perfect.


11:18PM | 05/01/14
Built my house in 1996. Put in Caradco casement windows. I have had about 1/3 of them fog and many others rot. I also got the offer of that 40% discount of an inflated price.


12:33PM | 06/19/14
I am amazed at the arrogance I see here. First Insulated glass is only good for 15 to 20 years. The manufacture doesn't matter they all fall under the same technique. On top of that wood windows rot when they aren't maintained. There is not a single post I saw here that said anything even close to "We painted and sealed our windows at least every two years and they still rotted." I have worked with mill work for over 20 years either in sales, installation, or service. At this point I see what I tell my customers regularly, "Any wood product you install on your home must be maintained."


11:22PM | 06/30/14
Arrogance my a@@. I hired a contractor to build our 4300 square foot dream home in 1997, and unfortunately we put in Caradco casement windows. Despite being stained and sealed they started rotting almost immediately. The only ones that did not rot were the stationary windows. All the others had to be replaced. This is a known defect with Caradco windows. Supposedly they've fixed the issue but i would never buy another one of their windows.


06:27PM | 07/02/14
caradco is out of business/bought by Jeld Wen windows so you wont have any luck with replacement anymore because there is no replacement ha


12:15PM | 08/17/14
I'm looking for directions on how to replace the top sash of a double hung Caradco window. I can't figure out how it comes out...

Jen-Weld is sending the replacement sashes for two windows that have fogged up.


02:26PM | 08/26/14
I live in NW Montana with severe climate changes and have Cardaco wood windows in my home built in 1978 “36” year ago and have just had to replace the glass in about 80% of the windows due to fogged glass from bad seals. Can't expect the seals to last forever, most companies now only warranty seals for 20 years. In any case when I disassembled them to replace the Thermopane glass units & refinish (strip, sand, stain inside & paint outside) I was very impressed to find that these windows were like band new with absolutely “No Rot” or even any sings of any moisture stains.

I think that the windows people report having rot problems are more than likely do to improper, unprofessional preparation prior to & during installation. What I mean is if the installer does not seal (stain or Paint) all bare wood & caulk installation were water & moisture can penetrate, then it is going to rot in time, (sooner than later). Oh and the home owner must maintain and re-stain & paint all exposed area as well or rot can develop.

In my opinion these windows were & are very high quality and very nice windows. In today's market this type of comparable wood window would be considered a high dollar window and used primarily in a high dollar quality construction homes. In my opinion the majority of new vinyl windows are garbage compared to these Cardaco wood windows and I would never consider down grading by replacing them with vinyl windows, even if they were rotted out I would only replace them with the same style comparable wood windows.


04:55PM | 03/01/15
If you purchased a 1 or 2 million dollar home and need to complain about the cost of new windows then you had no business buying a 1 or 2 million dollar home. LOL.


06:23PM | 06/23/15
We bought our new "high end" home in 2001 and it has 41 Caradco windows.
Even though the home was built in 2001, by 2003 all of the windows had "fogged". Jeld-Wen did replace the windows on warranty but we had to pay the labor for removal/installation.
Now in 2015 the weather seal strips are all brittle, breaking and falling out. I am in the process of trying to find replacements for them. Jeld-Wen has been no help.


09:45PM | 07/10/15
We have Caradco windows in our home that was built in 2000 and do not have any rot problems at all. I am just in need of two crank assemblies. Other than that, the windows seal as tight as they did when new.


10:39AM | 07/13/15
We put in Caradco windows on our home extension in the late 1990s. We saved big bucks, but made a huge mistake. The large, fixed arched window above the patio doors fogged within 5 years, and all the window frames starting rotting at the bottoms after a few years. I've had carpenters, contractors and painters patch them, but they are a constant problem. The window grilles fell apart almost immediately, and eventually I couldn't hold them together with glue. When I tried to contact Caradco in 2003, I found that Jeld-Wen had acquired the company. A Jeld-Wen rep was kind enough to send me new, improved grilles at no charge, but I wasn't smart enough to push the issue and try to get replacement windows.


08:41AM | 01/27/16
If you have Caradco Windows (owned now by Jeld-Wen) you may now have rotting problems or rotting problems in the future?????


03:16PM | 01/28/16
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Has anyone purchased the replacement sashes that Jeld Wen is offering Caradco window owners with rotted windows. They are offering Caradco sashes at a forty percent discount but I don't know if it would just be throwing good money after bad. If I don't use their replacement sashes then what else do you do. Go with another brand? What brand? replacement window or new construction? getting a lot of different opinions and so confused


05:04PM | 03/19/16
Well i have caradco windows and have 2 crank out casements that are rotting out at the bottom, and 2 double-hung windows, 1 that is falling apart and one that is fogged completely. I just got quotes from Pella windows and it is going to cost $15K to replace them. So i have sent them a request for repair so I will see how that goes.


03:51PM | 06/29/16
I would like to know how it goes. We built our house in 1998 and the stationary part of the casements are rotting. I too have thought about Pella, but I do like the "look" of my casements.


10:47AM | 07/14/16
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I bought already...


03:49PM | 11/02/16
I dont understand these complaints. I My home was built in 1976 with several (8-10) CARADCO windows. I'm just now replacing several panes which have become foggy. My home has 44ea 4'X6' thermal pained windows. Many these large windows have had to be replaced due to fogging, but not the CARADCO windows, until recently, that has been a maintenance free 40 years! our home is in the mountainous region of NW South Carolina at a hill top elevation of about 1850' above sea level. We get about 40"-50" of rain fall anually and we receive 3 to 4 snowfalls each year (about 13"-14" each). Our biggest weather related problem has been (almost yearly) severe ice storms. Summers are short but can be quite warm. We have never had any dry-rot in any CARADCO windows. 40 years seems to be pretty good useful life.


03:24PM | 07/10/17
I know this is a very old thread but there's more to the story that seems to be missing here. In my research I was told that Caradco windows started using a new preservative system in 1992. This was in response to a federal mandate to replace what they had been using. Whatever Caradco chose as a replacement, failed. They fixed this within a few years. I cannot comment on the current quality of Jeld-Wen windows but there's no reason to think the problem in 1992 is still in play.

As my luck would have it, my home was built in 1992 with Caradco windows. Most have suffered quite a bit of rot. Knock on preserved wood, I don't have any seal failures. I have worked on all the sashes to restore them, and this has held well so far. Years before that we had the exterior framing wrapped with aluminum. This may have bought time appearance-wise, but it's just a band-aid.

Some years ago when I was restoring all my sashes, I felt one was beyond hope. Not only does the sash frame have rot clear thru, there's a BB hole in the outer glass pane. I went through a nightmare with Jeld-Wen to try to replace the lower sash. They told me the window warranty was expired but that they'd offer me the 'deal' others have mentioned. I bit, and they sent one far too small and refused to take it back, despite the mistake being their's. I moved on to other chores and have lived with this ugly window for years, until today. Currently researching for options when I came across this thread.


02:31PM | 12/22/17
I’ve never seen this in my life, WTF?


08:55AM | 04/13/18
My Caradco windows have been rotting having been installed in 2000 or 2001. I am not sure when the windows were manufactured but to prevent the rot from spreading I have filled the rot with epoxy. I realize that ensures that I will never be able to replace the glass without replacing the sash. I filled three bottom sashes. One will need a minor additional fill where the wood continued to rot above the fill. However, my woodworking skills would need improving to complete the sash work. That said I have refinished some of the sash and frames and also replaced other sashes and windows that had gone fogged. I am sure previous owners have tackled windows before me. I have 38 windows and have myself worked on 9 for rot and have many that have blown seals but will leave those until the view clarity is a major problem. My concern is how and when to move to replace the lot of them to avoid the yearly project work.


12:39PM | 04/24/18
My Caradco double hung windows won’t stay open on the bottom and up on the top. Air lis leaking thru the top one. Any way to repairs this? Where would I find a contractor in St. Louis to do this? Thank you


03:18PM | 06/26/18
They weren’t shimmed well. The casing must b removed TRIM and they should b reshimmed and problem solved. Just don’t overshim

Bout $35 for shims and hour labor per window
Good luck


12:51AM | 06/28/18
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there are several Caradco models and spare parts. You can order them from the site.


06:40AM | 08/28/18
Same here!! We built our house 20 years ago and upgraded to Cradco windows from what our builder had spec fir us. Year 2 we started having fogging issues and rotten wood on outside of windows. Terrible builder and he wouldn’t help us. Just kept ignoring our calls. We were told that cradco window company went out of business and our run of windows were defective. We replaced most of our windows glass inserts maybe around year 5. But several years later our double hung/double pane/tilt windows needed replacing. I definitely need 11 replaced (probably a few more), 3 are very large picture windows in 2 story great room. Not sure what to do. Do i replace all the windows with aluminum clad and have outside trim wrapped in aluninium? Hate to go back to wood windows. If i do not replace all windows, then they will not match. Not sure what to do. DO NOT buy Cradco windows!!! They are Crapy windows!! Frustrated in Birmingham.


02:01PM | 10/14/18
I would like to know if Jey weld will honour the cradco guarantee. the centre lock does not support the top sash and the window has a crack at the top.


08:54PM | 11/21/18
I had a new house built in 2002, using Wenco windsows. Jeld-
Wen had bought Wenco when I first began having problems in 2005. They did repair several windows inside. I had a big problem over two months ago with two windows losing springs and the windows came down at least one inch. A contractor and I have tried getting the parts for over two months. I have four rotting windows outside of an attached room. I planned to live here forever. This was a very expensive house to purchase. A law suit should be filed because of this window problem. I have lived in three houses. This is the only one with window problems. Do you know anyone with Wenco windows? Jeld-Wen has stopped making the parts for repairing. We keep calling companies to no avail. Jeld-Wen has given us several names of companies who don't have any parts. I called the builder, and the person sent me one name and this person doesn't deal in Wenco windows anymore. A law suit should be filed because of this problem. I may have to get two new windows and eventually get all of my many windows changed. What reader with a problem is a lawyer? A law suit should be filed. However,we don't have to KNOW a lawyer to move forward. Rosalind


12:13PM | 07/29/19
Junk. I bought mine in 2000 rotted and fell out.


07:02AM | 01/07/20
FENSTER makes replacement sashes for Caradco. The issue with them was the rubber gasket around the glass. It just let water in with no way for it to dry. Any window products prior to the 2000 or so did not have very good rot protection. I have used Fenster a few times in my work and they work very well. Only bee a few years but no issues as of yet.


05:15PM | 01/11/20
I have a 20,000 sf $100,000,000 home with 3,000 of these windows and they have all fallen out.


07:52AM | 03/17/20
I am Cunningham Windows of Knoxville, TN. I sell and service almost all window brands and have done a few Caradco wood windows in 40+ years of business. Most "raw" wood windows (plain wood, usually pine) require maintenance and upkeep which nobody literally does, a few owners paint or stain, but when I find deteriorating wood windows in almost all cases have not been maintained properly. I do offer parts and service on almost any window. I have found some raw wood windows are sealed with a "wet glazed" which means the glass was glued in a wood sash sealed so tight as to attempt to keep out water and wind that the glass cannot be removed from a wet glazed window without destroying the wood frame it is so tight. (Hint) usually, if a wood window sash has a small U shaped channel type rubber gasket around the double glass, it can be replaced with a new double pane glass when it fails. I have made custom wood sashes for various kinds of wood windows when original parts were not available. I am looking for a copy of Caradco window manuals which show sizes and parts of glass, etc. Of any manufacturer. I am available for free consultation or advise on first inquiry by email at or accept text messages and pics at (865) 522-0800 for advice to help you solve your window problems.

Leo Alfie

03:40AM | 03/18/20
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I can understand your trouble.but when you bought this house why don't you see these issues? and WHY not YOU keep an eye on these problems. Now you have paid the payment and the warranty has expired of the window. There is no other option to replace the windows and spent more money on it


05:10PM | 06/22/20
Odd. I built my house in 1993 and it has all original Caradco windows in it. Every one is tight and has no rot whatsoever. I wonder if they made different series of windows?

BTW, I found this forum when searching for screens for my windows.


04:51AM | 07/22/20
Victor Mudon 1923


12:06AM | 10/12/20
I have Caradco quarter rounds--6 feet by 6 feet --and the seals are broken, and they are foggy inside--
They are many thousands of dollars.
Wonder if I can get a 40% offer.
Whom would I call? The contractor or Jeldwen.??
Any ideas?


01:41AM | 12/10/20
You might want to stay away from Jeld-Wenn as well. We have had nothing but disappointment and broken promises. After 6 months we have been told...Our mistake...these arent our windows despite charging us $150.00 to have their own rep come out and agree with what we had already been told...they were from a company Jeld-Wenn had bought and the warranty was good. They ordered the glass at least 3 times and not a single window was correct. Then we get the sorry guys...we now say its not our window. I cant even tell you how many times were were told they would contact us to be left hanging. The WORST customer service I have ever seen! BEWARE!


01:33PM | 03/14/21
Any wood window will fail if installed incorrectly or if maintenance is ignored. Some uninformed, or untrained carpenters or painters would put caulk where caulk should not go, trapping rain water on the window frames.
I toured the Cradco plant 30 years ago and saw that all wood parts were treated.
As an estimator/purchasing agent I bought millions of dollars worth of Caradco products to be installed in high end Smokey Mountian homes.
We rarely had issues or problems.


09:05PM | 03/21/21
Caradco aluminum clad windows were part of our 4008 sqft Northern Products Log Home kit which we erected from 1988 to 1991. Though I'm replacing aged weather seals, overall these have been (and remain) excellent windows.


12:42PM | 03/01/22
The truth of the matter is, if you want to go back a few years, Jeld-Wenn has always been a crap company producing a sub-standard product bought by consumers who were too cheap to pay for quality windows. Honestly, you always end up getting what you pay for. However, with that business model Jeld-Wenn was able to sell a ton of windows, make a lot of money, as well as learn how to turn a deaf ear on consumers with problems with their sub-standard product. Fast forward a few years and Jeld-Wenn is flush with cash and wants to expand into the wood window business in addition to the aluminum and vinyl junk they were primarily known for selling. At the time everyone in the industry was questioning if they were hell bent on cornering the window market or just trying to gain a measure of respectability in the industry by actually purchasing a quality company. At that time the top three wood window companies with the best reputations were Caradco, Pella, and Anderson. It was never settled in terms of which company was actually number one. There was a lot of talk early on that Jeld-Wenn would ditch their name because of the terribly bad reputation associated with the name and rebrand all of it's lines as Caradco.

The problem, in general, is when a cheap company buys a quality product/company is the result does not raise the overall quality of the existing product/company; rather the quality of the acquired company is degraded because of the inherent corporate culture of the new owner. For example, just imagine what would happen if Kia purchased Audi? And the bean counters always intervene and start substituting less costly parts and materials and before you know it what once was an industry-leading product has defects along with other quality and warranty issues and the name starts to degrade.

In full disclosure, I worked at Caradco for a few years shortly after the company relocated from Dubuque and before it was acquired by J-W. At that time there was a lot of pride in the company and the product. Back then corners were not being cut and customers were very happy. The biggest problems were dealing with issues that arose from installation errors and contractors who couldn't or wouldn't follow installation instructions.

Recently, I needed to replace all of the windows and doors in my own home. A total of ~ 50 windows and patio doors. I shopped Anderson, Pella, J-W/Caradco, and a few others. In the end, after digging into all of their detailed specs, I chose to go with Marvin. It cost me a bunch more because I still have a few friends working at the old Caradco plant and could have purchased through them and gotten their employee discount. IMO, Marvin is way undervalued and they make a really reliable product.


07:38PM | 03/22/22
I replaced all of mine with Fenster replacement sashes. Worked great. Very pleased.

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