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10:23AM | 09/17/16
How to clean black mold from painted stucco?

Rhino Carbon Fiber

03:52AM | 10/27/16
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Here are some steps for Removing Mold and Stain from Stucco!

Step 1 - Prep
Follow the directions carefully. Put on your protective goggles, face mask, and rubber gloves to prevent any chance of getting mold particles on your skin or breathing them into your lungs.

Step 2 - Rinse the Stucco
Use your garden hose to rinse any debris and residue from the stucco. Attach the sprayer to the hose and turn on the water. Begin at the top of each wall and work your way downward as you rinse off all of the dirt from the surface.

Step 3 - Mix the Remover
Pour the mold remover into the bucket. If the manufacturer recommends, add water to the remover to decrease the concentration. Use a paint stir stick to combine the liquids into one mixture. Be sure to stir gently so that none of the liquid sprays out over the bucket.

You can make your own mold remover solution with dish soap and Borax. Fill your bucket with two gallons of hot water. Add ½ cup of borax and two tablespoons of liquid detergent to the water. Stir until the solution is combined.

Step 4 - Apply the Remover to the Stucco
Immerse your sponge into the mold removal mixture. Remove the sponge and squeeze out any excess liquid. Rub the sponge over a small area of mold. Place the sponge back into the mixture and continue applying it to small areas of mold on the exterior walls. Continue until the mold removal solution has been applied to all of the areas on the wall. For spots that are higher up on the walls, use a ladder to get to them. Be sure to secure the ladder properly to prevent any falls. If possible have a friend or family member with you to hold the ladder in place. Allow the mixture to remain on the stucco for about thirty minutes.

Use your soft bristle cleaning brush to scrub the stain from the stucco. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to cause damage to the surface of the walls

Step 5 - Spray off the Remover
Remove the spray attachment from your garden hose and attach the power washer in its place. Connect the power washer cord to an electrical outlet. If necessary, use an extension cord to reach all sections of the walls with mold stains. Be sure to use an extension cord that is certified for outside use with a power washer device.

Turn on the water tap connected to your garden hose. Make sure the water is flowing at full force. Turn on the power washer. Point the end of the power washer away from the house and from any pets or people. Gently squeeze the wand trigger to ensure that it is working properly. Point the sprayer toward the stucco wall, beginning at the area closest to the roof. Move the sprayer in a horizontal motion across the wall. Slowly spray the wall from the top to the bottom. Stop in difficult areas and apply extra time on these spots. Once all of the mold stains have been removed from the stucco, allow the exterior wall surfaces to dry completely. This should take about 24 hours.

Hope it works for you!

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