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Fred Reichart

12:57PM | 12/30/98
what type of wood should I se and how do I bend it to make sleigh runners?

Steve C

01:27PM | 01/29/99
I had a similar problem. I borke many pieces of wood. Never did get it right. But last week I saw something I think would work.I cant see that the wood type should matter. First cut the shape you want to bend around. Next take the wood you want to bend and slice it in narrow strips what ever it takes to get it flexable enough to bend, then using waterproof glue on the sides of each piece glue it back togeather clamping it to the shape you cut use plenty of clamps and you should probably cut your pieces long and start clamping in the middle. Good luck

Fred Reichart

02:18PM | 02/10/99
Thanks. I'll give that a try. What type of water proof glue would you recommend? It needs to be water proof and be able to take some jolts.


10:20AM | 10/30/17
I am contemplating building an oak railing system for a large pontoon boat. My concept would require the railing to be bent to obtain an aesthetic "swoop"... these will not be severe bends. I intend to bend two 1x3 (actual 3/4 thickness) runs of white oak in nearly identical fashion and then screw & glue them together to obtain a railing with about 1.5 inches of thickness... rounding the edges afterward. I have heard that kiln dried wood is a real disadvantage for bending and I should use air dried wood... that seems pretty hard to find!
*Can anyone verify that kiln dried wood is NOT suitable for bending?
**If I must use air dried wood, can anyone suggest a source?

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