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06:22AM | 06/28/05
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I just had my house power washed - but it seems as though the person who did it didn't use whatever it takes to remove "slug slime trails" from my vinyl siding!

Can someone advise what product or procedure is needed to clean the vinyl siding and get rid of the ugly slime trails?




01:42PM | 08/27/05
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I'm having the same problem as you .Slug slime on our vinyl siding . I've been looking and looking as to how to clean it up and as yet have no answers. If by chance you have found the answer I would deeply appreciate you letting me know. Thank--you


01:56PM | 07/31/14
I have the same problem. Is there something safe to remove it?


11:36AM | 09/06/14
We had this problem too...even called out a power washing company. After using about 4 different super strength cleaners from Lowe's, my husband was able to scrub off most of the slug stains with an industrial strength cleaner that he got from our exterminator. Who knew slugs could cause such damage???


03:49PM | 11/15/15
I ran a “scientific experiment” cleaning sections of aluminum siding with white vinegar, WD-40, industrial cleaner, bleach, tile and grout cleaner, and Murphy’s Oil Soap. I learned that scrubbing works best using a combination of 2.5 gallon of warm water with ½ cup bleach, ½ cup trisodium phosphate (TSP), and ¼ cup borax. I scrubbed twice with cleaning solution, scrubbed once with clean water, and rinsed down the section before moving on to another section.


11:05AM | 08/20/19
I yes Used shout (what u spray on laundry)and it came right off..spray it one the slime and used water and a rag to wash and then rinse it off I was surprised that it worked


06:08PM | 08/13/20
Thanks to the person who suggested Shout. It worked great and it’s easy.


02:26PM | 08/15/20
To the couple of responsesd that said Shout worked, was that on Vinyl siding?


01:38AM | 01/06/21
SHOUT FOR THE WIN! It worked on my vinyl floor.

I had a bad case of slug slime because I brought an empty storage box into my living room that had a huge slime on the bottom I didn't know about. Well, that poor creature was accidentally tortured as I was cleaning out the inside of that large storage box before packing it. SLIME EVERYWHERE. I had no idea that slug slime is pure sorcery. Thank goodness for this thread and the off chance that at 10:30 at night I still have some 8 year old ultra SHOUT gel in the back of my laundry cabinet and VIOLA! Slime turns into gummy blobs (reminds me of tubber cement) and I was able to clean it all up quite easily. Followed the instructions given above: scrub it together (SHOUT + slime), wipe with dry cloth (I used paper towel because I am not about to put that dark magic into my washing machine). Went back over the area with regular cleaner to disinfect and get any residual up. I hope this review is helpful for someone!


08:53PM | 10/27/21
Yes I just cleaned the slug slime off my pet food bowls with Shout. Needs to set for a few minutes before washing

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