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11:38AM | 10/10/05
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Last year I built a "kit" pole barn garage.

I had to put in a gravel floor, not cement.

I have had several problems with the garage door not operating properly. In fact, the door buckled when opening it on it's 3rd day! Boo hoo. Now the cable broke on it. Just before something happens, I can tell when I am opening and closing it that it's not operating right - it makes wierd noises.

Does the fact that it is coming down on a gravel base vs cement have anything do to with this? What should the base of the door be? Someone suggested filling that portion with cement or wood so that it has something to hit on when it closes.

I NEED HELP! Winter is just around the corner and I need my garage door to open and close by remote.

Thank you for any advice or suggestions.

Jim D

12:25AM | 10/11/05
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AB59INMI - hi, it sounds like your garage door opener is having problems because the opener's "CLOSED" setting device may be off/out of adjustment. Depending on the model of opener you have, you should have something up on the track area closest to the garage door that tells the opener to stop. (I've seen magnets and the like used on older openers.) You may need to locate that item and adjust its location. Maybe it came loose and moved with the bracket at the end of the cable. Also, checks the wires connected to it to make sure they're intact and not cut/broken/disconnected.

Other than that, it's possible you may need to adjust the opener's down sensor function. I don't think this should have anything to do with it, although it should've stopped the door from buckling. When the opener was installed, it's supposed to be tested to ensure it'll reverse directions when it hits an obstruction (e.g., the car) in the door's path. What I've done before is put a sawhorse in the path and checked to make sure the door reverses direction before it bends the sawhorse beam very far.

I hope this helps some - please let us know how it goes! Good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


05:03PM | 10/11/05
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So are you telling me that what it lands on doesn't matter, i.e. gravel vs cement?

It does reverse when it hits something, have already checked that out.

I was getting the feeling that it had something to do with the gravel, but maybe it is a faulty installation problem.

The guy who installed is supposed to come back out this week. I can't image why that cable came off its track. What would cause that? Is it a faulty installation problem?

Thanks so very much for replying!

Really appreciate it.


Jim D

12:12AM | 10/12/05
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AB59INMI - hi again, if your opener reverses direction when it hits something, then it sounds like it's operating properly but needs adjustment. After all, when it hits the gravel, it's getting resistance and should sense that it needs to reverse direction.

If there's no adjustment to change the amount of force necessary to make it reverse direction, then it seems like the door stop is set to let the door travel too far in the DOWN direction...especially if the door buckled! And, the cable could easily pop off the track if the opener's trying to force the door further than it can physically can get just enough slack to slip off. (Think of how a bicycle chain pops off the sprocket occasionally...and how you have to put it back on.)

If it were me, I'd recheck whatever the system uses to tell the door to stop moving DOWN and try to adjust it so the door doesn't travel as far in that direction. It's possible the system has to rely on resistance versus using a magnet/switch to stop the door's that case, you may be forced into the wood/cement fix. If so, I'd maybe try using a length of landscaping timber - sink that into a small trench where the door contacts the ground, centered between the sides of the door, and have its top level with the gravel. I'd anchor the timber with the steel rods normally used with that timber to keep it in place...if it's merely sitting on/in the gravel, it'll move around as you drive over it.

I hope this helps some...please keep us posted. Regards! Jim D/West Point, VA

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