07:43AM | 09/18/06
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We are building a geodesic dome home. It's from a Monterey Domes (extinct) kit, 39' in diameter and 20' high with three dormer windows and 1544 square feet. We now have it dried in nicely and windows and doors installed. The walls have 2" of urethane foam board-foil both sides, 2x4 construction, 1/2" plywood sheathing outside, We are having problems finding drywall people to give us an affordable quote ($25,000.00 from one), so we're considering doing it ourselves using OSB board on all interior walls, including the dome "ceiling". Okay, so we install it Dome arch interior studs are 16" on center,with 1/8" spacing between panels. That's all I know. Questions: Nail spacing? Outgasing hazard? R-value for various thicknesses? (Thinking of using 1/2" if affordable, to mimic drywall dimensions)? of course. Any input welcome, as Internet searches found little on using it for interior walls.
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11:08AM | 09/18/06
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I agree that "the look" won't be great, but we're both well into our 60s in age and drywall is heavy to handle. Also, "the look" is a remnant of past versions of OSB which fell apart easily. Plus, it can be painted, although I just found out that the surface may have wax on it. Tongue and groove pine was suggested elsewhere, but I haven't explored the cost of that yet...and with only 8" widths it may take years to install. It's a shame that, in our industrial world we can't have a decent fire-proof alternative to drywall (or the internal combustion engine in cars)...after all these years. Thanks for your reply.
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01:58PM | 01/11/07
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Your dome looks great, i also have a montery dome kit that i am getting ready to build....but I lost the assembly manual...would you like to sell me a copy of yours?


04:44AM | 01/12/07
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I THINK I have the assembly instructions somewhere. I'll have to look around. I saw your posts on Dome_Living. I'm not sure the instructions for my Horizon 40 model will be equal to your Alpine model. Really...except for some details, it's a matter of just going at doing a Chinese puzzle. There are center pentagon hubs and center hexagon hubs and then different hubs for the edge connections. Flashing only fits one way. Base wall plywood nailing schedule is 2" between nails because those base walls will support a lot of weight. But those are my memories...I'll have to look around. I can possibly scan a copy and email it. When do you want to start building? Keep looking for the real deal.


04:54AM | 01/12/07
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The contractor who did the dry-in you see in the picture is now working on the inside. He's using "rock" (drywall). Problem solved. We had electric hookup buried for aesthetics, but he's finishing the insulation with 2" polystyrene foil on one side only, because 2" urethane with foil on both sides isn't easy to get around here. The difference is like R-7.7 for 2" polystyrene (about the same as fiberglass) and R-13.28 for 2" urethane. That urks me a little, especiall since some of the lesser insulation values went up on the south side where the sun beats hardest. looks great and we're excited as hell (for elderly people) LOL. We got a $50,000.00 and we're getting it all done for that...(yeah, right). If we don't own the dome when we least it will be there to inspire others LOL.


02:05AM | 09/13/08
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I would like to see your dome in Ma. I also have some questions for you. Did you build your dome on a basement? Please contact me at: [email protected]

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Alfred Kiser


02:30AM | 10/22/08
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I'm building a Monterey 40' horizon dome too. Please contact me about what you need & I will tell you what I got & what I need. Thanks!

[email protected]

Kindest Regards,

Al Kiser


12:03AM | 08/19/11
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I have a Monterey Dome kit with no instructions. I know that it is in the Horizon 45 series and that it has at least one extension and 4' base wall. I do not know much beyond that. Do any of you have instructions or blueprints or the like. I have tried ordering what was advertized as blue print plans but is only a brochure showing what floor plans are available. Please let me know. @ [email protected]


03:05PM | 01/23/13
We have a similar problem; trying to figure out how to 'smooth' the interior of our dome. Currently our interior walls are the 'skeleton' spray foamed' and painted. The grid is a little hard on the eyes.


02:20PM | 05/13/13
This is my fathers house, an apline/40 according to the blueprints its for the 20,25,30,35,40ft. there are only 2 sheets, the lay out of the elevation, base and roof. the other is the hub and leg plat plans. My email is [email protected] and i have the blueprints in my possession since my fathers passing and still own the house.
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