Jim D

11:08PM | 02/12/03
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Doug - hi, and I understand what you're saying. The unit worked perfectly until I found it dead one night after work. The first thing most of the local appliance shops told me was "It'll be very hard to find parts" and "Why bother? Buy a new one!" I priced new units and they started at $275 and up for similar sized units with the same features. I'm doing the fix on my own time and I'd never ask the landlord to reimburse me for that. If I end up spending $175 or so on parts and fix it, great...if I don't fix it, I've learned a few things in the process that I can possibly apply to my own home someday. If I didn't have the time, the money, or the desire to work on this, I'm sure the landlord would already have a new unit in place. I did ask myself the same cost effectiveness question before even pulling the unit off the wall and removing the cover. Take care - regards! Jim D/Heathsville, VA

Jim D

09:30AM | 02/14/03
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To All - well, I struck out on this one. The control board's no longer made and there's no suitable substitute. (I didn't think to ask about the part's availability before since I wasn't sure what I'd need. The Panasonic parts website listed it and gave a price; it's not until you begin ordering it that you can check its availability online. I also called Panasonic to be sure, since my manuals weren't listed originally.)

So, I get to advise the landlord and off he goes to the store for a new one...or, he may tell me to go buy a suitable one and send him the bill. This lesson only cost me $7.32 for the service/installation manual and a couple hours of time...not bad, in my book.

Regards to all - have a great holiday weekend! Jim D/Heathsville, VA


06:36AM | 02/15/03
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On Sharp microwaves, most of those boards can be repaired, usually by the factory. Check with an area authorized Panasonic service depot to see if they can send yours away for repair or repair it them self.

Dan O.

Jim D

11:00PM | 03/05/03
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Dan O, RPXLPX, and Doug - just a final update on the Quasar microwave. I took Dan O's last advice and downloaded a list of nearby (within 100 miles) authorized service centers for the microwave. I called a few of them and found one who said they may be able to repair the board. (Most said trash the oven.) I took them the board first, and in hindsight I can understand why they looked so puzzled! (In my AF aircraft maintenance days, we had mock-ups to test parts on. The person who answered the phone when I called said it was okay to bring in just the I'm totally at fault there.) I reinstalled the board back into the oven and took them the whole unit. They troubleshot it down to the circuit board like I did, and said one of the big IC chips had failed. Unfortunately, those chips were specially made for that application and there's no way to get them anymore.

The checkout cost me $45. (The shop said it'd be no charge if I let them dispose of the unit...I guess there's a few parts in there they wanted to get out of it!) Since it belongs to the landlord, I went back and got it from the shop. So - total price of the lesson was under $75 for everything including the gas for my car. At least I can assure the landlord that I tried everything reasonable to get the unit fixed. That should soften the blow of buying a new unit, if he wants one in the house. I'm also going to offer to go half on it with him since I'll get almost 2 years' use out of the unit before I move out.

Thanks once again for your assistance and sanity checks. Regards! Jim D/Heathsville, VA


08:09AM | 03/07/03
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Thanks too bad but thanks for the follow up!

Dan O.


06:39PM | 12/21/14
How did you get the old microwave out? I found two bolts that I removed from the cabinet above, but it doesn't want to slide out. Am I on the wrong track? PUN INTENDED


07:33PM | 01/04/15
Jay D. in Atlanta ..Posted: 1/4/2015: Unfortunately I am just reading Dan's problem with his Over the Range Quasar Model MQ9994XW. I have the same unit, made in August, 1984.

DEADLY CAUTION!!!!: before tampering with components or making electrical measurements inside a microwave, SAFELY DISCHARGE THE HV CAPACITOR. Even this procedure requires a very knowledgable person. Unplugging the microwave will NOT necessarily render the capacitor safe!

Here is the fix: after a power outage, click on the Clock button, then 10min/1min/10sec/1sec buttons in succession. Then I think you can push the usual buttons to activate a cooking session should reset at that point. My wife discovered this by happenstance.

Now, my problem: The display panel works, but when I am ready to push the start button to heat a bowl of water for 1 minute, i get dead silence and no change on the display panel. The vent fan works, the under hood light works. I am thinking this may be one or all of the door/interlock switches.


10:04PM | 02/20/15
Replacing the switches.... I can't figure out how to remove the outer part which would be the top. I undid all the screws but for some reason it seems stuck along the top and the left side I don't see anymore screws that need to be removed so I can get the the door switches to replace them. My microwave works when the door is open and shuts off when its closed I ordered the part now I need to change them... Thanks for your help


03:37AM | 09/12/17
It’s complicating, but it’s worth it. I cooked IN MICROWAVE yesterday, it was delicious. All my friends were surprised how tasty it was. Will put this recipe in my bookmarks.
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