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02:50AM | 12/29/03
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I have a Whirlpool electric dryer that is not drying properly. It takes about 1.5 hours to dry a normal size load of clothes when set on HI. I have checked the temperature at the outlet and it peaks at 165 and drops to 130 when the heating element cycles off, (That is with no load in the dryer). With a normal load in the dryer, the temperature is between 100 and 115.

Do these temps sound correct?


09:23AM | 12/29/03
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** Do these temps sound correct? **

Not really. On a low setting the exhaust temperature should average in the 120-125°F range. On medium the temperature should average 130-140°F and on high 140-155°F, depending on the dryer's design. Those temperatures should be basically the same with or without clothing.

The most common cause of poor drying is a plugged, partially plugged or poorly installed (see the following link) dryer vent. For any kind of drying complaints, that is the first thing which should be checked.

LINK > How long can my dryer vent be?

Dan O.
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12:45PM | 12/29/03
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The vent is not the problem. I took the temp readings directly from the dryer vent outlet.

Any idea why the temp is that much lower when there are clothes in the dryer?



09:02AM | 12/30/03
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** The vent is not the problem. I took the temp readings directly from the dryer vent outlet. **

With the vent removed to totally eliminate it as a possible cause?

** Any idea why the temp is that much lower when there are clothes in the dryer? **

Maybe the drum is not sealing properly with the added weight?

Dan O.


07:14AM | 01/05/04
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I had a similar problem, although I did not do diagnostics on my dryer. My problem was a poorly designed dryer which collected lint near the trap, but not in the trap. I took the dryer apart including the drum out and found a lot of lint just laying in the bottom of the dryer. I vacuumed it all out and put it back together and worked fine.

Good luck,


02:36PM | 10/16/13
Old post yet this may help someone browsing - The temperature difference is possibly from the moisture evaporating from wet loads that provides a cooling effect. Skin perspiration and hot weather water "misters" like Misty Mates produce a similar effect.


02:44PM | 09/29/15
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I just had a dryer repair man out to check on my Hotpoint electric dryer. He said, "... everything is fine, use it like normal."

BUT Does this sound right? High setting avg temp 175. Medium setting 148, and Low/Delicate setting 167. (No, I didn't reverse the order.)

I called him initially as after 3 -4 loads on Medium, my clothes are too hot to touch... Should I call another service company?


02:16PM | 02/01/19
On high heat it will cycle 151 degrees F and then down to 115 F. Is the 151 F a normal temp? Is that too hot?


08:35PM | 02/23/20
Older or commercial dryers might go up to 175, but modern dryers set high around 150F. The part in my Whirlpool dryer cycles between 155F off and 130F on, but has a little bias heater on the thermostat to add some extra heat to trigger it at the lower temperatures.


02:09AM | 04/17/20
Will the dryer kill/reduce Covid 19? If so for how long to dry clothes? Any other tips for making homes safer during this time?


05:09PM | 04/23/20
there was a study of SARS-1 the sister to Covid 19 that has been renamed SARS-2. 60 degrees C which is 140 F for 30 minutes will do the job while 50 C did not. So put your dryer on high (cotton) and if there is high exposure on the clothing do it for 90 minutes. The dryers cycle between these two temperatures. Just as a preventative measure 30 minutes is fine but if your a first responder or have someone in your home with it then go the distance to be sure and do it with the clothes dry not wet so you achieve the higher temperature. Wet your not going to get anywhere near 140 F.


07:49PM | 08/13/20
How could I take the temperature reading of my dryer? What is the name of the apparatus to use.


10:20PM | 09/24/20
I just used a meat thermometer

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