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11:36AM | 09/14/09
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I have Kenmore Elite (mod# 665.13124K701) dishwasher that leaks at the float assembly (under float on the right front of machine). Sears tech's have replaced the float and manifold (spraying arms) assemblies. Machine stopped leaking for awhile - but now leaking again. It has a history of leaking same area since purchase. It leaks intermittently/no set pattern of leaking. Sears tech's can't figure it out and I'm out of warranty. Don't want Sears back (they'll charge me $129) esp. when they haven't fixed the problem. Machine is level. I've ran machine w/o soap/rinse/empty - still leaks. Any ideas? Could it be the water level gauge? I know float stops too much water. This is a high efficiency machine. I use HE soap & 1/2 of what directions call for. Water leakage is not sudsy/not dirty dishwater/it's clear water collected in a small bowl underneath float assembly. Dishwasher works fine but for the leaks! Any help out there??


03:05PM | 03/18/12
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I have the same issue now. Did you ever solve your problem? If yes, how did you do it?


12:47PM | 05/09/12
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Sounds like the actual dishwasher may be fine, are you sure it isn't a problem with your kitchen installation?


08:29PM | 07/25/13
Same problem here. Cleaning gunk out of float by service guy stopped leak. Two months later.. it's back. I'm on here to figure out how to remove float again by myself. Hoping I don't get advice from babypops. What a useless excuse for an answer.


03:14AM | 06/01/14
Same issue anyone can help?


02:30PM | 03/31/15
Thank you for posting this problem. I have had this same problem for years (7) ever since I bought it and the Sears techs always say I am the only one who has ever complained/had this problem. The leak is definitely coming from the float area - it only stops if I open the door (stopping the cycle), pull out the bottom rack,then grab the float and move it up and down a few times. When I close the door and re-start, it doesn't leak anymore. I've even removed the bottom front access panel and taken pictures of the water dripping below the float assembly - everywhere else it is dry. I have had the float assembly replaced before. The problem seems to occur primarily when there is a full load. It has happened to me numerous, even dozens of times. Happened again today - this will be my 6th or 7th service call about the same problem. Obvious design defect. Kenmore Ultra Wash Model 665.1312*


09:12PM | 07/27/16
Same problem here. Just realized the leak; it probably leaked a few times before I realized. I removed the front cover of the dishwasher to find out the leak source; definitely from the float switch. Occurs once every so many weeks. Last time it occurred, I opened the door, pulled the switch up and down, and problem stopped. I was thinking of changing the switch, but the info obtained here seems to indicate this won't solve the issue.


09:03PM | 05/19/17
I have had the same issue with my washer, I found that if I dumped a cup of water on the float, the water would come down the shaft and leak. The float was getting air locked and not allowing the water to drain out of the bottom of the float. It was like the clearance around the nut and float was to small. I cured the issue by placing a small shim about 1/16" between the float arm and the switch arm that it sits on. This lifted the float 1/16" up and gives enough room between the nut and sides of the float. Hope this helps, definitely a design flaw.


12:46PM | 08/01/17
Hey everyone with this problem, I just fixed mine! I had this problem and it went away for a few months and returned with a vengeance. All along I just wanted to remove the float assembly and when I figured out how, the problem was quite apparent. It's the gasket under the assembly that was leaking and that was only cause the nut holding the assembly together was quite loose. I took it all apart, cleaned everything up and reassembled it with some more torque and leaking has completely stopped. My washer is 665-77973-K703.
Quite easy to disassemble, just flip open front cover of float assembly from underneath(2 tabs)+ move float pin over enough to be able to push rod up that is part of the float. I had pulled off lever from rod to switch and pulled out the switch. Once it's all apart you'll see how it works. From the top(tub side bottom) pull out float. Rod comes with it as it is 1 piece. Loosen plastic nut which is probably finger tight and that is why it is leaking, and remove the assembly. The washer is on the underside by the way. It helped me to use the Sears parts breakdown(micro-fiche) to do this job. Also, having an automotive extendable mirror with LED lighting helped. Good luck! Any further questions at


05:55PM | 03/11/18
I have the same problem. It is a design defect. The best solution is not to buy Kenmore Elite Dishwashers and Whirlpool that makes them as a private label. Helps explain why Samsung and GE kicker their ass over the last decade.


06:16PM | 04/21/19
I have had the same problem and so do my parents who have the same dishwasher. It is a design flaw and I am upset that sears tells me that I am the only one that has the problem. I am considering a lawsuit for the damage that it has caused my wood floor under the dishwasher.


12:55AM | 05/13/19
SOLVED- I hope, for less than $1!
I removed the float switch (mushroom shape by opening the white covers under the door and pulling the bottom tip of float switch towards the front of washer while pushing it up. Once removed I placed a -010 o-ring on the float switch shaft and reinstalled the float in to its original position (o-ring slides further on shaft than shown in pic).
It has been leak free for over a month but I will wait another month before reinstalling bottom panels.


01:06AM | 05/13/19
Sorry that photo did not upload. The fix is as simple as I explain it above.
I agree it is a design defect. The o-ring provides a seal to the "leak path" but still allows the float switch to function properly.


08:44PM | 05/20/19
I have the same issue. BV019287, did you purchase a new O-ring? Where did you get the new O-ring?

My dishwasher is 1 year old.


12:39AM | 07/08/19
I replaced the float washer and tightened up the plastic nut. No leak for 2 weeks. BVO 14388,above, gives excellent step instructions. Not sure I needed to replace the washer


11:27AM | 09/06/19
Thanks BV014388 -- I tightened the nut and will see if it starts leaking again in a few weeks to a month's time. If it does, I'll look to replace that O ring.


11:54AM | 10/08/19
Thank you BV014388! Your directions did the trick for me as well (at least in the handful of days since I also tightened the nut and cleaned everything up). Our dishwasher is probably coming up on needing to be replaced but I was happy to fix a fix I could do myself!


11:28AM | 11/11/19
BV014388 - thanks! Seems to have worked for me as well!!


03:46PM | 11/17/19
Wow just noticed this happening to our dishwasher this week. Hubby dissembled and cleaned the float assembly and added the o ring you suggested and it seems the leaking has stopped! Time will tell but wanted to say thanks for the easy fix. He had o rings so no $$$ spent to fix! Thank you!


10:15AM | 11/21/19
The float is supposed to rise and trip the switch to shut off the water when it’s overfilled. It’s not sealed, the theory is the water flow should stop before the level rises to the point where it flows over the top of the float guide. Not the best design but the real issue is to keep everything clean so the dishwasher drains properly and doesn’t get overfilled. Pull the float off (very easy) and clean everything so the float can move easily. More important is to clean the filter basket regularly.


11:16PM | 01/03/20
I had Intermittent issues with water coming out from the float switch. Turns out this was happening when we would put a cutting board or very large plate in the rack right above the float switch.


03:01PM | 01/06/20
Great answers found here- finally. Yes, an o- ring replacement with suggested size will probably help me.
But the issue that perplexed me was the intermittent nature of the leak, which I feel is not a leek, so much as the float switch fails to operate and allows too much water to enter the tub, so that the drips are overflow, and not a leak. I would stop the cycle, and switch it to drain/ rinse cycle, and then next wash cycle things would go back to normal operation- until the inevitable next time it “overflowed”.

Also,it seemed to help to not place a bowl or other water- blocking item over the float valve, so this would indicate some design flaw that would then fool the float valve to misjudge levels, and not operate properly, leading to overfill, and then leakage. I currently run the dishwasher without the water catch basin, as it will trip the leak sensor- which is a stressful and somewhat stupid solution to this whirlpool design problem, as I don’t run the machine without being around to monitor its cycle. Kind of scraps all the convenience of a dishwasher though, so I will look into the o ring solution, and continue cleaning the traps..
P.s , I’ve already replace the rubber pipes connecting the pumps below- not easy, and the rubber door strip on the doors bottom. If Nit for the fact that I acquired this machine for free from a nice home’s reno, and that it is very very quiet, and that I invested the money into the spare parts, I would have happily kicked this to the curb, and bought the aforementioned better designed Samsung’s, or lgs..


05:53PM | 05/15/20
I followed the directions from BV014388 and placed an O ring between the nut and the washer. I have 2 dishwashers and they both leak in the same way - definitely a Sears/Kenmore defective design. Anyway, it worked!! No leaks - so excited and relieved. Thank you everyone for the posts. (On a side note, I have a Kenmore "Pro" double wall oven, nothing but problems and expensive repairs, Kenmore french door refer which I have to take apart and manually defrost at least once a year because ice builds up and then the 2 dishwasher problems. NEVER Kenmore again. So disappointed. Can't understand why they don't do the right thing and recall and repair their appliances.)


08:02AM | 06/11/20

Can you post a picture of your repair? Do you place the o-ring inside the dishwasher float shaft so the float can still move freely or underneath the dishwasher where the assembly attaches to the dishwasher frame? I have a Maytag dishwasher that is leaking through the float assembly as well during the wash cycle. Thanks!


08:19PM | 06/12/20
BV019287, can you show how and where to put the o ring


08:42PM | 06/12/20
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BV019287,can you please show us the o ring placement?


08:43PM | 06/12/20
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Actually.... can anybody show me?


04:38AM | 07/23/20
I have a Whirlpool dishwasher model WDF520PADM that had water drips from water that entered the tube that house the float assembly. My dishwasher is a newer model that has the float tube molded into the inner shell, so there is not a washer and tube assembly to leak from. I checked the float assembly and it operated properly. Re-leveling the dishwasher stopped the water from entering the tube and dripping. The dishwasher was slightly angled forward and to the right side. This would cause the water level to be higher in the corner of where the float was.


10:25AM | 11/22/20
There posts were so helpful. BV014388 nailed it. Easy to follow directions. Fixed my issue that two repair men could not figure out. O ring was not seated properly. Adjusted the o ring and my intermittent mystery leak problem solved....and just a few days before Thanksgiving.


07:14PM | 12/25/20
Same problem here with a Kitchenaid kudc 10fx ss4, same design and yes flawed.
I get the o-ring goes on the float stem, but how does it seal the leak path without interfering with the float operation? It seems like the float is so light that the least bit of friction would cause poor operation.
I trust that it works. I just want to get it right.


08:57PM | 01/01/21
After reading this thread I watch what i place over the float (e.g. large bowls facing down above the float switch) and so far no longer have this leak occur. Thanks everyone. No reason to either repair or replace dishwasher for this condition.


11:45AM | 07/09/21
Can someone please attach a pic of where the o-ring goes as I can’t get mine to stop leaking either?



06:13PM | 07/11/21
Forget the O ring. You bought a Kenmore, that is the problem. Sears sold good products at on time. Now, not so.

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