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07:07AM | 04/15/02
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I'm trying to hang a very large mirror that will almost definitely destroy the drywall in my apartment if I can't get it into the studs. I heard from a friend that studs are 14 inches apart and 8 inches to the left of a wall outlet. Is there any truth to this or is my friend just an idiot? If he's wrong, then how can I find studs without buying a contraption to do so? Thanks!!



01:37PM | 04/15/02
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Buy or borrow an electronic stud finder. Studs are mostly 16" on center. New construction electrical outlets are almost always attached right to the stud, if the outlet was installed after drywall, chances are it's somewhere inbetween the studs, how far inbetween, who knows? In other words not a reliable reference point.

Mark Hammond

02:15PM | 04/15/02
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A stud finder is the best way today. Studs are 16" O.C. but if you have any openings( such as arounnd outlets) you may be able to feel a stud to the left or right of the opening.with a stick of wood and then meaure back to its center. You can also us toggle bolts to hold a heavy item on the wall if the wall is hollow where you want to hang the picture.....Mark Hammond


04:17AM | 04/16/02
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Definitely, a stud finder is best. There are times and places where the studs are not precisely 16 inches on center.
One other method that works is to use a sewing needle. You can knock on the wall to determine where it sounds solid, not hollow. Then make tiny holes with the needle and a hammer to find the center of the stud. Don't be satisfied with just finding the stud -- find the center of it.

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05:34AM | 04/16/02
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thanks for all your help guys. i couldn't find anyone who had a stud finder....but i did think of another way to find a stud. i attached a good magnet to a piece of string and found where they nailed up the drywall (obviously into the studs) by dragging the magnet over the wall and watching for where it stuck. certainly not the fastest way, but it worked, and i didn't have to put any unneeded holes in my wall. take it easy gents.


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