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07:25AM | 04/12/02
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The front of my home has been taken over by carpenter bees. They have drilled holes in the trim of my house. I can't find any help on what kind of pesticide to use. I've been told that I need to replace the wood trim around my house. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you.


04:22PM | 04/22/02
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From an organic approach, spray with boric acid solution, then stuff steel wool in the holes.


08:27PM | 04/22/02
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Thank you for your help.

Carla Pennington-Cross

06:14AM | 05/15/02
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I know this is a little late, but I just saw your note. We had a really bad carpenter bee problem with our cedar shingle siding. No pesticide worked so we bought a jar of cayenne pepper, made a watery paste with it, and painted it on the areas the bees were interested in. It worked like a dream.

Bill Cox

05:26PM | 09/23/02
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Just read your post about carpenter bees. Don't know that I have the answer but we did have very large numbers of the carpenter bees in SE TX and they did extensive damage to the facia boards, and others, on the house. Tried many remedies but none worked or they weren't really feasible to do. There were thousands of holes I'd estimate. And the Pileated Wood Peckers tore the dickens out of the house getting at the larvae. We replaced the wood with pressure treated lumber and now the bees act as if it tastes bad to them. Can't say for sure if this is the solution but it certainly APPEARS to be one for the time being. Of course pressure treated lumber is nasty stuff to work with from a personal health perspective and you must be really careful to read the directions on handling it and follow them.


05:06AM | 06/15/18
This will sound really crazy but I have a 2 story porch (all wood)and have been battling carpenter bees for years. I also have a barn, not too far from the house, that was infested with them. My cousin posted a facebook story that said every year this woman takes a brown paper bag and stuffs it with crinkled up newspapers. She ties the top closed and hangs it on her porch near the ceiling. The carpenter bees think it is a paper wasps nest and they will leave the area. She said as soon as the bees try to get to her wood each spring she just hangs one of these up and they leave in a day or two.
Well I had about 60 or 70 bees flying around my porch so I tried it. I hung up two of them and (NO LIE!)one week later all but about 5 of them were gone! No crunching sounds at night when walking on the porch! The 5 that were left maintained the nests and as the new ones came out, they left also. I then put one out at my barn a few weeks later and after about a week those ones were gone also. I have tried for over 25 years to get rid of these bees and doing something this easy was amazing!

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