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02:19PM | 10/16/02
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We live in Miami, Fl and lizards are a part of life down here. However, my mom is petrified of them. The new house we are in seems to have too many of them. More than normally sneak into the house. It is normal to see some a few times per year but not constantly. She wakes me up in the middle of the night to catch them for her. People have told us that they could be living inside the house, probably came in with the last owner. Is this possible and how do I get rid of them? She is driving me crazy.

doug seibert

04:12PM | 10/16/02
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I live in Florida too.........But lizards don't have to be a constant problem.......they need an easy way to get in........So you need to tighten up the house, fix the window screens, foam the holes around pipes and vents, put a door sweep on the outside door..........And get a professional pest control service or carefully apply a general pesticide around/inside your house yourself...........


12:53PM | 06/27/04
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Help !!! Please anybody !!! I need any and all advise on how to get rid of Lizards. I dont care about how many bugs they eat and how nice and cute they are to some, I am terrified of them and snakes too. Everybody is different and I personally dont like anything that leaps, crawls etc. I live in central Florida now and never seen so many in my life... forget about sitting out on your patio and relaxing... they look at me like they pay the mortgage... I am a prisoner in my own home and would move to the moon to not have to see another Lizard !!! What can I do make them leave my house...

for those that love the pest !!! please feel free to come and get all the ones here !!!! If I wanted to live with critters I would not pay $2700 per month for a mortgage... I would just live outside..... in the park.


09:52AM | 07/06/04
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Nobody has replied - I think because there is no good answer. Lizards are about as common as flies where you live.

I'm not trying to be funny when I say that I suspect your options are to either move to another part of the country, or learn to deal with it. Hypnosis would be worth a try.

k smith

01:11PM | 07/22/04
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get a cat. when i lived in the rio grande valley, my cat at everyone he could catch.

k smith

01:15PM | 07/22/04
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oh yea, you might try this:

an animal control guy once gave me a recipe for a snake deterrant.

80% sulfer and 20% crushed moth balls.

he said it burns there skin and they will haul butt.


12:16PM | 08/21/07
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how do i get rid of it?

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