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05:22PM | 01/10/05
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I've been given a large spool of 22 gauge shield communication wire. Its got 4 individually shielded copper wires, all within an outer jacket. I know most residential phone lines are 4 wires, as is this, so I'm thinking its just a high quality phone line?

I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work for running phone lines in my house, but can anyone confirm it should be fine?

I'm going to be attempting to runsome coax in my house, so might as well replace the phone lines while I'm at it since I've only got 1 total phone jack on my 2nd and 3rd floors. I saw attempting since its a 150 year old house mostly stone house, so I may run into some roadblocks.




07:10PM | 01/24/05
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Can't say for sure but it sounds like you may have alarm wire or some other random 22/4 wire. It would probly work fine, the only problem that comes to mind right away might be a voltage issue. I think 22/4 solid wire would be preferred highly over 22/4 stranded should the wire you have be stranded I would deffinatlt suggest not using it. Wires cheap and as long as your going to deal with the frusteration of fishing walls in an old finished home you might as well use the normal 24 guage and have you thought about running cat5 if you have computers and broadband internet?


05:37PM | 01/25/05
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The wires are single strand (or solid).

I'll see what the phone wire costs, may just use that, but I do also have a bunch of 125' lengths of cat 5 cable. Pretty sure that would be fine for phones. Yes, I know its got more wires in it then I need, but I got them for free so I may use them instead, just have to see if 125' lengths are long enough.

Yes, I have thought of running cat5...already picked up a spool of cat6 for real cheap (~600 feet for $20).

I'll be running coax, phone, and cat6 cables, might as well do it all at one time.




07:06PM | 01/26/05
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Since you got the cat6 cable so cheap use it for the phone lines. Run a separate line to each jack and you'll be set for anything in the future.



04:35PM | 01/27/05
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The spool of cat 6 is blue, which I'm gonna use for ethernet.

The 125' pieces of cat5 are grey, so I'll probably use the cat5 for phone and the cat 6 for ethernet. That way I'll know what is phone and what is ethernet

the 600' spool isn't enough for both the phone and ethernet to do the entire house.

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