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04:33AM | 08/04/03
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When I moved in 3 years ago to my home, the previous owner had installed outdoor carpeting over top of the patio slab behind my house. The carpet was poorly installed and is also getting really ugly, so, I want to remove it.

It gets better -- when I have pulled up the carpet, it appears that this was to cover over the existing patio since they must have had even more disgusting ugly carpet installed on it before (also with glue)-- so, when they 'spruced up' the house when ready to sell to us, they knew they needed to cover up the old stuff.

Now, I had considered pulling up the carper entirely, but I can't get off all of the residue left by the glue and last remaining chunks of carpet. I could sand the remainder off, but it still won't look good. To add to this, the original base patio is not very pretty either. It's not falling apart, but it is over 30 years old.

So, I'd like to do the following as a project--

I want to remove all of the existing carpet and as much of the glue and carpet residue as possible WITHOUT the use of caustic substances. In addition to this, I'd like to install paving stones on top of the existing patio on, I presume, a bed of mortar.

So, is this possible? Do I need to first create a new sub-base to the patio (how do I do this)? Or can I just mix up the proper mortar base (what would the proper mix of cement, shar sand, soft sand and water be?), plop it on the existing patio and lay the pavers on top? And, should I mortar between the pavers, or should they be laid right next to each other (or do I just use sand in between them (or gravel?))? Do I need to have anything between the house and the closest edge of the pavers to the house (some kind of spacer maybe?)? And, as for cutting pavers (parts of the patio are curvy), how can I cut the pavers to match the curve (is there a special tool?)?

As you can tell, I have never done anything like this before and am in need of some help. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


07:35AM | 08/05/03
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08:07AM | 08/13/18
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Johh brown
Yes you can, but there must be no cracks over the old patio. It is not so tough, but also not your job. You can consult with a concrete contractor. It can be done.

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