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04:25PM | 10/04/03
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Is an inspection needed on a new home?

Also, any advice on how new home construction works, it has been a frustrating experience. The builder's rep. thinks they are providing answers but they are saying alot of nothing. Things I think are normal, at what stage is contstruction is, closing date, they said October but will not release a date to the attorney, person who handles closing dates is out sick, no answers. Don't these people want to close?


04:25PM | 10/05/03
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Yes, you can do an inspection on a new house. The only reason you would do one is to cover your backside. I know some people who had their house built brand new and the soffits were covered with insulation. This caused little ventilation in the attic which resulted in expensive repairs. The inspection usually costs less than $300, but well worth it in my opinion. Don't go with the inspector your builder recommends. Find one on your own with the help of friends and family. Or go to This is a list of inspectors from all over. It will sort out the ones who do it on the side and the ones who do it full time.

Good luck,


02:53PM | 10/13/03
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The inspector would not run a radon test unless the builder can guarantee that the house would not be entered for 24 hours by workers. If the builder does not agree to this, what other way is there to check for radon?


05:17AM | 10/15/03
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Where did the radon come into question? Mtcoco never asked about that. There is a kit to test for radon. I bought it at my local hardware store. It hangs from the ceiling from a thumbtack at about normal breathing level. The charcoal inside absorbs air. After about three days of no doors or windows open for more than coming and going you can send this in to the address. They send you the results back quickly. This probably wouldn't work for a new house being worked on.


05:12PM | 10/16/03
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We just finished having a new 'custom' home built. Our arrangement with the builder allowed me full access to all stages of construction. Now I wonder how any home gets built. There were so many 'mistakes' that I caught and I am a novice (pretty much). Yes! Get the inspection but realize that an after the fact inspection may not catch all potential problems but sure is better than nothing.


03:05PM | 10/23/03
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I have been a homebuilder for 15 years. A reputable homebuilder should never object to an inspection by a "qualified inspector" during normal business hours in the company of a builder representative. A new home should ideally come with an insured third party warranty containing measurable standards for workmanship and materials. The home should pass local building code inspections (if applicable.) The home should be constructed in substantial conformance with plans and specifiations on file with the local building permit authority. If the home was built from a "sample' or "model" the workmanship standards should be substantially similar to that on display in the model. With respect to closing date,delays are common but work should be progressing in a reasonable and fairly continuous fashion taking into account factors such as weather or shortages of marerial or labor. Read your contract...what are the "force majeur" (delay) provisions. And lastly ask yourself the question "Am I being a "difficult" customer...a small percentage are! Have other customers experienced similar problems or are they enerally satisfied? If you still have a problem ask to speak to the builder himself.


01:20PM | 10/27/03
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inpections are needed no matter what kind of house it is very cheap insurance, as a Realtor if I have a buyer that is unwilling to have an inspection I will pay for it if needed. Most important thing in Real Estate is to cover your hide, no one really knows what went on before you were there, definately better safe than sorry

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