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03:25PM | 04/07/10
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I have lost the hidden mounting bracket part that screws to the wall for a towel bar that I want to mount. Is there some place to find replacements?

C L Ballou


08:19PM | 03/22/13
Did you ever get an answer and find one??? We are looking feverishloy too!


10:41PM | 08/04/13
Add another one to the list of people looking for a replacement for a towel bar hidden mounting plate (or bracket). My towel bar uses a mounting plate that is 2 1/4" tall, 1 1/8" wide, and the top and bottom edges are angled away from the wall by 3/16". If anyone knows where I can find one (no, the big box stores don't have them), please let me know (galasva at yahoo). Thanks!
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08:09AM | 08/06/13
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Do this by holding the new towel bar up to the wall and making a pencil mark where the screws will be for a screw-mounted bar.


09:49AM | 10/20/13


09:43PM | 03/16/14
Is this it?


09:57AM | 06/28/14
should the screw that holds the towel bar to the bracket be on top or on the bottom I have a difficult time keeping the towel bar tight on the bracket

David, Moderator

09:57PM | 06/30/14
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The towel bar hooks over the bracket on top. The set screw that keeps the bar on goes on the bottom.
When you tighten the screw hold the bar back tight against the wall.
Hope this helps


02:21PM | 07/24/14
Yes, the Sears one is correct. Thanks a lot!


02:29PM | 07/24/14
Also you can buy it here:
It's called a towel bar bracket back plate.


07:15PM | 01/18/16
Thanks to those posting on this site. I have been looking everywhere I can think of for this item. Finally found it by follow a link posted here. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


11:35PM | 08/03/16
Did anyone ever find the original one, 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" bracket? The one in the links is for 1 3/16" x 1 11/16", which won't fit the longer, thinner bar mounts. Thanks!


12:53PM | 10/12/16
I also need the 2 1/4 size. Searched all over the internets with no luck.


10:32AM | 04/30/18
What size Allen wrench fits the set screw?


04:10AM | 05/01/18
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i am still waiting for the best answer


11:38AM | 08/10/18
am looking for the back plate to mount towel bar/ring. The bar clips over 2 small arms that extend out & up from the back plate. This is a Liberty Hardware set & does NOT have the locking set screw on the bottom. Any help would be appreciated.


01:58PM | 02/27/19

If anyone is looking for hidden brackets always contact the manufacturer. Here is a link for Glacier Bay formerly Pegasus. Have a great day. Jan
Glacier BayBath Accessories Mounting Kit

Good luck


02:02PM | 02/27/19


04:32PM | 04/17/19
I found some here, I hope this helps someone:


02:02PM | 07/27/19
Contact manufacturer like I just did. They are mailing me one for free. in my case.


11:11PM | 08/25/19
How do I measure the towel bracket to figure out what size the replacement brackets need to be? Thanks.


04:17PM | 03/31/20
If anyone in the future can't find a mounting plate for towel bars and rings, hooks ect. I have a fix that worked great for me! You can mount them on two screws with a flat head. Just measure the approximate distance between the hanging location and the set screw location. You will have to use your brain a bit to make sure they are level and the distance between the two brackets is good but i found it to be a great fix, better in fact than that mounting plate bc the tighter you screw the set screw it won't pull the plate out from the wall like the mounting plates do. Hope this helps someone!


10:33PM | 05/29/20
Have you found the Biden bracket


12:57AM | 07/29/20
I cant seem to find the smaller rectangle bracket backplate (1/2" wide x 1 " long) for Moen towel bar


12:05AM | 10/12/20


02:50AM | 06/01/21
I have lost wall mounted white brackets to my wall bathroom towel rail could you suggest where I can purchase these parts?


04:16AM | 07/24/21
Me to and I can’t find this simple round face wall bracket for my towel rack

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