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04:30AM | 02/12/05
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My husband and I are contemplating whether we should have a stamped concrete patio put in. Can anyone attest to its durability and practicality? How about color durability and resistance to cracking? Any opinions would be appreciated.


05:41PM | 02/21/05
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Stamped concrete is just regular concrete with dye added & stamped with a pattern.

The dye's will last as it mixes into the concrete while it cures.. the concrete depends on who is the placer and how they do it, each project has it's own requirements.

The prep work for the soils & steel mesh / drainages issues for the size & depth of the patio will be more of a factor than the stamp & dye.

Alter Eagle Construction & Design


04:36AM | 03/20/05
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If this is not done correctly, the new stamped surface will delaminate afer time. It can also be very slippery if not properly textured. I suggest you get references from customers that had it applied over three years ago. Take a look at epoxy/stone as another option. Email me with any questions,


04:54AM | 03/20/05
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As long as the area is not on soil, is properly compacted, has the proper depth compacted proper stone layer, has the appropriate steel reinforements, has expansion joints as required, has stress scores at least 1/4 deep where required, is at least a six bag mix (stronger is better)and is mixed before it arrives at a cement plant, and is at least 4" thick, AND the finishers don't ADD any water, and aren't allowed to moisten it while troweling (cause of de-lamination is often when they have added more water to the furface when they are 'floating" it), AND the cement isn't poured during the hot dry sunny months, AND it is properly CURED (plastic sheeting down for at least 3-7 days) and no heavy traffic for first 30, AND the temperature will remain above 50 degrees during that first month, and not exceed 80 you shouldn't have a problem. The most often cause of delamination is when they water mist the forms for stamping and the surface, AND/or have added moisture to the surface when floating and skimming. Additional water weakens the concrete bond, AND too fast drying also. The concrete needs to retain its moisture for about 30 days to properly form the crystaline structure that gives it strength. Excessive water added on-site in the mix in general or surface will weaken that delicate hydronic chemical reaction and cause that delamination/flaking. Over fast drying (not proper curing) will cause the mixture to dry before that hydronic chemical reaction completes forming CRYSTILINE structures and will crumble. There are tables by region/temperate zones, but without knowing where in the country you are, cannot cite the specifics you need. But in general if the rules for installing a plain jane cement patio or drive way or whatever for your area are followed, the stamping process won't hurt it, its generally poured thicker though as the depressions of the mold have to result in the minimum thickness required for your surface, the "high points" are extra. For example, if your patio has to be 4" thick regular concrete, and the "mould" stamp provides for a 1/2 grove, then it has to be poured 4-1/2" thick, so the "grooves" area are 4" thick. I hope that made sense.


05:02AM | 03/20/05
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If solid color is what you're after, having the color added at the cement plant is best. The other method is that they use a color tinting dry powder atop the floated surface just before they stamp it. This allows for different colors to be added, or a depth of color (multiple differnent colors to look more like natural stone for example). This is the most common (dry powder tint). Now if you're looking for that solid flat color, with no variation (more painted look) then the plant method is better, and chips won't appear white/gray untinted, but if going for a stamped surface the use of more than one color tinting powder for depth and natural look gives you the look you're going for. Often after they release the "stamp mould" they dress with even more powder if you're going for tinted/contrasting "grout lines".


08:35PM | 03/31/05
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06:46PM | 04/26/05
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Hi Powski,

Here are some things to take into consideration:

Material. Stamped concrete is simply concrete. In Michigan, any cement mason will Guarantee that the concrete will crack. When? Who knows? But it will. Paving brick are also made of concrete, however they are compressed to about 10,000 psi, compared to stamped concrete at 3000 psi. With any reasonable amount of square footage, concrete needs to have expansion joints or control joints. You can't stop the cracks, you can only attempt to guide them. Which seems to work half the time. Brick pavers on the other hand come with thier own mulitude of expansion joints.

Aethetics. I have seen more poorly installed stamped concrete projects than properly installed ones. I can say the same about a lot of trades. But with concrete, you get only one chance to get it right. And if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted, well. I have a series of photographs that I have taken of stamped concrete jobs in both residential and commercial settings. I am amazed at how often the surface becomes severly pocked in only a matter of a couple years. That doesn't mean they all do that, but some do. That's where Luck comes in. You need to be lucky enough to get a good contractor, who doesn't make mistakes. You need to be lucky enough to get a good batch from the delivery service. You need to be lucky enough to have all of your cracking follow the control joints. That's a lot of luck. I would consider either natural cement accented with pavers, or pavers alone. The drawback? Cost. Depending on the size of your project it could range from hundreds to thousands.

George Nicula

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03:18PM | 10/24/06
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I entered into a contract with David Hunt and concreteforever for a stamped concrete patio and has a terible experience. Please see out website at

Ryan Moeller

05:29PM | 02/15/13
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There are three main procedures to design and prepare stamped concrete and these procedures are as follows: First of all we add base color in stamped concrete. This base color is to be chosen to reflect the color of the building. This color is in shape of powder that is dyed strongly with the concrete as it’s being hardener as possible. This color is colored in many ways such like color hardener, integral liquid or powder and the better way is color hardener.

After base color the secondary color accent color is added to this concrete. This accent color is used to produce the texture and show additional building materials in stamped concrete. Color release is a method by which we add the accent colors in stamped concrete and we get a benefit to add this accent color is to color the concrete.

And in the third process the patterns are designed by these concretes. Patterns are the models made by cutting of this stamped concrete. For this purpose pattern stamps are placed on the concrete after when color release is done. These three procedures give us good looking stamped concrete tiles in many reliable colors with efficient way of production.


02:40PM | 02/17/13
I hate our stamped concrete, just our opinion. There are so many other options.


11:43AM | 10/13/14
Stamped concrete will be cheaper. With a proper install and maintenance it can be ok. But, you need a skilled installer to have this done properly. There are many issues with sealers, cracks and colors being off. I went through hell with my install ( I have not lost total faith in the product, just my installer) ... for more info check out my blog at I had every issue you can think of.. and more with stamped concrete.
What it's supposed to look like fotor collage fotor


10:20AM | 07/13/18
The durability of stamped concrete Patio is very high. Stamped concrete can face the wide range of weather conditions. To ensure the durability professional concrete contractors take an accurate measurement. Concrete cracks depend on the water-cementitious ratio. If you hire a reputed concrete contractor then chances to have a crack in the driveway will be less.


10:31AM | 07/13/18
I think what I have experienced over the time is the durability of stamped concrete Patio ( You can take a look at the link. Yeah, its my home backyard designed by DiFranco, pretty famous in Ohio. It was 5 years back when he did this and still looks really nice. When you build it for yourself, make sure your contractor fill all the gaps properly because that's the only thing can make your patio life less.


10:52PM | 07/19/21
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