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04:53AM | 06/20/07
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My wife and I recently purchased a gazebo from HD and would like to place it on a level form. A family member has donated enough scrap granite for us to put together the needed 10x10 area. My options at this point are either having a concrete base poured or going the dry route of gravel and sand alone. Since these are not perfect cut stones I would think mortar and grout would be my best option. Considering time and cost I wondered if the option of weather treated wood, plywood and concrete board (backerboard) could be used. I understand additional work is needed to assure a level patio but is this even a feasible option? I have not yet seen any discussion around this method. (Probably because I'm the only fool that thinks it may work) Any thoughts, questions or comments are greatly appreciated.


02:33PM | 02/11/08
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Cement board is comprised of cement, plastic foam pellets and a fiberglass scrim on sides and edges.

On a hard compacted surface of sand, clay or other material it can withstand over 2200 pounds per square inch.

As long as it is contiguously supported on a hard base, you can ride, drive and jump to your hearts content.

No company claims this ability but it is inherent in the design and specifications of the product.

You could just paint it or cover it with the stone you have selected. You may want to use the proper tape and adhesive/cement to keep the pieces together before cladding with the stone.

The applications for this stuff are nearly limitless.

Liability issues (lawyers) are what prevent the manufacturers from suggesting anything other than under-layment type applications.

Cheap enough, buy a piece and try to abuse it on hard ground. You will be amazed.

Remember, the product is only as good as your base.


12:53PM | 03/12/08
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it falls apart.

in theory, there's no difference 'tween theory & practice,,, in practice, there is !


11:41AM | 05/20/15
I want to lay pavers in a 16' x 4' area along one edge of my garden on which to put the potatoes I'm growing in containers. I've laid pavers on sand before, and found it's only a short matter of time before they start to get uneven and the grass grows through. (We live in the south, and the grass has runners and spreads everywhere.) I don't want to lay a concrete base, because it may not be a permanent installation, so I thought I might try using concrete backboard instead. I see where people often come out against the idea, but I'm encouraged enough after reading the above comments to try it. I'm curious whether the above poster tried it, and how it worked out.


06:41PM | 03/16/16
Last year I put down five wonderborads / cement backers and laid on top of it patio stones at last the year the winter and it's pretty sturdy you're not the only one who thought of this it works.


06:57PM | 03/16/16
Last year I put down five wonderborads over flattened out soil and sand / cement backers and laid on top of it , patio stones at last 7 months ago rain snow winter and it's pretty sturdy you're not the only one who thought of this it works.



08:05AM | 10/11/18
I want to put cement boards down then install patio blocks?
Not sure what cement board to get? Which would be better? I know there is durock and durock with edge guard if I can find it, wonder board, hardi backer board.
I do not know the difference?
Do I need to drill holes, would this make the boards more prone to cracking? Do I need to tape the seams and put cement over it? Do I need to waterproof the underside after holes are made to protect the underside of cement boards? I am a woman and don't understand all of this. Will have help doing it but have to make the decision as what to do and use. I am a senior and so tired of pulling weeds etc. between the blocks. Is there a difference between these boards? Do I need sand under it and do I rent a compactor that you fill water in and roll around after level? Thanks for reply

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