04:06PM | 10/20/08
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My Timbertech XLM Mountain Cedar is turning white in some spots. I wanted to start a forum asking how many other people where having the same problem.

Timbertech got back with me and said to do the following:

• Step one:

Place 100% cotton towel in area from which surface is off color.

• Step two:

Set flat iron on a low steam setting

• Step three:

Keep flat iron moving on the towel in a back and forth motion

NOTE: Keep flat iron moving; do not let the iron set in one area because it may melt the deck.

• Step four:

Check area frequently to see results, continue until desired appearance is reached.

The issue is that I have not had any mats or anything in the areas that I am having the problem. Please respond if you are having the same problem. The other problem is that this technique is very time consuming and does not work well. I should not have to do this with an extreme low maintenance product.


06:58AM | 10/22/08
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I tried the link to the pictures but it didn't work. Could you email the link to me?

[email protected]


05:27AM | 04/19/09
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I installed XLM Mountain Cedar in June or 2008 using 12', 16' and 20' foot boards. The 12's have turned to the color of a plastic milk jug in area's not protected by a chair or table and some of the 16's have started to turn white as well. I have pictures that show 2 boards at a butt joint with 1 side white and the other only slightly faded. I showed the pictures to the lumber yard where I ought the material and they were amazed. They are going to infomr ther supplier and show him the pictures but they also suffgested that I open a claim with Timbertech which i did 2 days ago. I was told that a warranty claim packaged would be sent to be. I'll try to keep this post updated as this process continues.


08:23AM | 04/20/09
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'cwgluch' could you email me pictures of your claim?


10:31AM | 07/17/09
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I had a Timbertech XLM (Mountain Cedar color) deck installed, about 8 months later I discovered large white areas, which can't be cleaned-up. Interestingly, the contractor ran out of XLM planks for the steps, so he bought one more. None of those planks (from a different production lot) are turning white, but the other ones, right next to the newer ones, are turning white. This must be a production lot issue with the XLM decking. I have contacted Timbertech to initiate a warrantee claim...we will see what happens.


02:45PM | 08/11/09
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I installed a Timbertech XLM Mountain Cedar deck in June '08 with hidden fasteners, and it looked great. After 9 months, the traffic areas turned white, and areas under tables or not walked on stayed brown. The white won't wash off. The deck gets VERY little traffic, and right now, it looks terrible. I would NOT buy that decking again. I'm waiting to hear from the Timbertech claims people (I just sent it off). This was supposed to be a maintenance-free material, but it isn't. Sorry I bought it.
1722 timbertech xlm turni


02:59PM | 08/15/09
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See my pictures, and links to other posts:

My deck was installed last summer also, and when I spoke to the company about a settlement, he told me that the claim is being put through without a visit from Timbertech and as far as he knew they were going to "replace" the deck. My materials alone were around 13K and months of labor from my husband and myself. We did a meticulous job, each board was custom cut, and on difficult cuts, we made templates. I have many angles on my deck. I seriously doubt anyone would go to the trouble of what we went through.
1724 xlm timbertech turni


02:37PM | 10/02/09
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Has anyone experienced these white-out problems with the "RiverRock", which is the gray XLM? I'm thinking of getting it and it sounds like all the problems are with 1 specific color?? Thanks.


02:33PM | 01/07/10
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After about 6 months of negotiations with Timbertech, they replaced and delivered all materials (boards, hidden fasteners and screws), and paid for the labor for a contractor to remove and replace the boards with the new generation boards, something called 'smartcap', that has a different coating on the underside (boards no longer reversable).


05:59AM | 02/24/10
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Well my claim with Timbertech was settled : they only reimbursed me for the decking material, at the deck contractors original purchase price. Timbertech would not pay for the labor to remove and replace the decking. I made my decision, but I sure am ****ed-off at Timbertech...a $27,000 deck that lasted less than one year.....Makes me angry everytime I look at my deck. It cracks me up how Timbertech claims that "Years of research and development went into this "Extreme Low Maintenance" decking material. If Timbertech had any integrity, they should have paid for the labor to redo the decking. As a side note, my prior home had an all-plastic deck, made from recycled plastic milk jugs, manufactured by some no-name company. That deck had no noticable fading after 9 years in direct South facing sun. Don't always think that the big players in an industry "must know what they are doing" !!
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