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04:18AM | 01/12/01
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My friend has asked me to help her with a dishwasher air gap leaking onto her counter top. I understand the reason for this device. This problem just started. The hose from the air gap to the drain is not kinked and seems to be flowing free. My question is this. Does that air gap have some sort of check valve that could be stuck or is it simply an open ended vent?


05:41AM | 01/25/01
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I think there is a stop valve in most if not all air gaps, but it should not matter whether there is a stop-valve. The air gap should work without one. Gravity should do the work of keeping the water off the counter, not a stop-valve.

First, if the air gap leaks when the dishwasher is not on, then the drain might be partially clogged. If so, then the air gap is "working" correctly. The air gap is there to prevent clogs from backing up drain water from the sink or the dishwasher back into the dishwasher. The gap raises the dishwasher drain line above the level of the sink so the stopped-up water will level out in the dishashwer drain tube before heading back down into the dishwasher. The "air" opening of the air gap prevents a siphon from forming in the drain tube, which would allow the backed-up water from making it over that gravitational "hump."

If it is leaking while the dishwasher is on, then the drain plugs at the air gap might be reversed such that the dishwasher drain is "forcing" water up out of the air-gap.


04:46AM | 03/26/01
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what if the air gap was working for a couple years...the it starts to overflow only when the dishwasher is draining. no other sogns of pipes being clogged?


08:43AM | 03/28/01
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A clog (or slow drain) must have developed that you have not found. Mineral deposits, food particles from the dishwasher, etc....


05:49AM | 05/03/01
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Check the entry of the drain from the Air Gap into the disposal. Mine will partially clog from time to time and cause an overflow at the air gap. Older disposals will also corrode at this connection causing a restriction.

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