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10:36AM | 09/20/02
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In the toliet tanks of all (3) my bathrooms, there is a strange black mounding and stringy fungus? growing. Has anyone seen this before. I have a deep bored well, water has been tested all levels fine. I'm clueless !!!!!!!!


01:56PM | 09/20/02
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While your well water has been tested and passed, there is always some level of contaminants. Well water does not have the clorine treatment that most city water does so may be more prone to 'growth'. Have you had any 'problem' with your hot water? That is where 'stuff' will grow fastest since it loves a warm environment. May not be any health hazard and you can kill the growth in the toilets with a spray of mild chlorine. Will have to do this every so often. This is not unusual in warm humid climates. May want to cansider UV treatment on the incoming water if you have noticed any 'bad/unusual' taste or smell.


09:10PM | 10/17/05
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What do you mean by, "Consider UV treatment on the incoming water if you have noticed any 'bad/unusual' taste or smell".

What is "UV"? Isn't it "Ultra Violet"? And yes, we have a terrible Sulfer smell in our water. I'm afraid to drink our well water.

Please explain.

Cathy in the Country

Gary Slusser

02:55PM | 10/18/05
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UV will not work on this type of problem.

You have some form of reducing bacteria in your water. They are made up of both aerobic and anaerobic types of bacteria. They are all nonharmful to humans and pets. They also cause H2S (sulfur) odor. We kill them with chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or ozone equipment.

You need to call a few water treatment dealers out to evaluate your situation and propose equipment and then comparison shop on the internet. You can as good or better equipment over the internet and install it yourself. I suggest looking at an inline erosion pellet chlorinator and special mixing/retention tank followed by a Centaur carbon filter.


Quality Water Associates


12:30PM | 04/11/18
Having same issue on city sewer line. I have noticed slight smell as of late. My house was a foreclosure home so it sat empty for a while. Is there anything I can do as filtration system would seem over the top?


05:26PM | 01/22/22
This is what I have in master bath toilet only. Rod in water heater has been replaced, vent & drainage issues have been addressed. No one else on neighborhood has been affected. ANY HELP would appreciated.


05:56PM | 01/22/22
Sometimes the smell will be from the water heater. Chlorinating the water heater will solve this. Look on line for instructions, I think most people can handle this.

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