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03:35PM | 03/18/04
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I am in a 1 year old house. Today, I started hearing a lound noise coming from my sump pump. It sort of sounds a running motor. I can hear water draining as well. This is my first experience w/ a sump pump. Could it be clogged. What should I check to troubleshoot?


05:24PM | 03/18/04
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Most of the time you won't even know you have a sump pump until you have excessive rains or snow melts which raise your lot's water table.

Only then will the perimeter drains of your house divert water to the sump where the pump works to move it out of your house and prevent flooding.

When water tables rise, sump pumps can work almost continuosly. That is what they are designed to do.

However, if the pump never seems to shutoff, you could have a sump that is too small for the amount of water that is entering it and should look into having a larger one installed.

It will not limit the amount of water pumped, but will keep the pump from running too often and too much.

If the pump runs when the sump is 'dry', then the pump switch has failed and you may need to replace the pump.

Have your builder inspect the sump. It may still be under your new house warranty.


03:12AM | 03/19/04
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I'm not a plumber or builder, but in addition to what homebild said.

The water you hear draining is probably a hole drilled into the pipe to drain it. After the pump has quit running it is designed to drain the pipe of the remaining water. And that water flows back into the hole where it just came from.

Good luck,



04:10PM | 03/21/04
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thanks for the advice devildog and homebild. actually got the builder to come take a look. something was definitely wrong, and it can't be repaired. it is still under warranty, and they will be replacing it next week...


08:03PM | 08/22/07
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Make sure your check valve is working properly. It will be located on your discharge pipe directly above the pump. 9 times out of 10 the check fails and flow of water is simply draining back into the sump hole.

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