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12:09PM | 07/05/04
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Hi,I hope that everyone will be able to understand my problem because I am a female and my husband is an OTR driver and I am trying to fix our plumbing problems,but I am pretty much clueless.Recently the main water pipe started gushing out water,so I turned the water off at the street and called my brother,he came over and crawled under our house and came back out with a piece which he called compression joint connection? that had come off and said that we needed a new one because the rubber piece in it was in bad shape,I got a new one and he put it on and we had water again,but the hot water in the kitchen sink didn't have a good water flow anymore.A couple of days later the new joint came off and this time steam was coming out from under the house as well as water pouring everywhere,my brother put the joint thing back on and tightened it using 2 wrenches instead of one and it stayed on for a week then came off again,he put it on again and it came off again within 20 minutes,so instead of trying to use the joint again,he fixed it with PVC pipe,we now have water but the kitchen hot water still has low flow and no pressure and the bathtub hot water barely trickles out.I had read that the sink and tub faucets might need to be backwashed,so I thought I would try that but the first step for that is to shut the hot water off at the water heater, but there isn't anyway to do that,the pipe that brings the hot water into the house is one piece with no shut off valve thingy.Any suggestions as to what might have cause the compression joint to keep coming off,or why the hot water doesn't come out of the tub and kitchen faucet?It comes out fine in the bathroom sink faucet.I really would like to get this fixed without calling a plumber and before my husband gets home.One more thing that I thought was strange,everytime except the last time,when that compression joint came off it was always between 12:30 and 2:30 A.M.I know that because when it came off it made a clunking noise under the house like it blew off.


08:32AM | 08/31/04
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Pressure in your system is greatest at night when there is not as much demand.when you system is shut down and turned on again,dirt from the bottom of water heater is sent out the lines and gets clogged in the filter screens on the ends of your faucets.They can be unscrewed and cleaned with needles to remove the dirt.You don`t mention if faucets are 2 handle or single lever.My guess is that its 2 seperate.You most likely have particles trapped in between the washer and seat.Also if there are seperate valves under the sinks,this can also trap dirt inside the valve.Its never cut and dry with finding the actual clogs.Water needs to be shut off and remove the stem and look inside.Might need a good do it yourself plumbing book,your brother,a beer and a prayer.


08:57PM | 08/31/04
Your brother probably got too much glue in the fittings. He sure is a persistant one with the compression joint. He did right to eliminate it. DIY's often use too big a dobber or feel it's the amount of glue that insures a good joint. The extra glue sets up and it's like a pipe restriction.

If other remidies don't work he should cut his work out and do it over using only a half pint can dobber. It's using the primer several times to activate the molecules so that the glue (pipe dissolved in solvent) can mix in that aids a good joint.

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