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02:31PM | 08/18/04
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Is it possible to put a shower in where once a small tub was? Had to remove the tub because it was cracked and leaking all over.Since the drain hole in a shower would be nowhere newr where the drain hole was for the tub, I wonder. Is it possible for a plumber to slant a drain pipe from existing pipe up to meet shower hole? I can see it working in my imagination but what do I know. Would appreciate any help before I call a plumber AGAIN! Thanks, Martee

Margaret Doty


02:51PM | 08/25/04
It's unlikely you could raise the shower enough. However far over the drain needs to be is how much higher the unit needs to be plus another 4 or 5 inches for the two 45 degrees elbows.

Additionally you need a 2" drain for a shower. You can have a shower base made to fit your drain location if it's a 2".


07:13PM | 08/30/04
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A shower generally requires a 2" drain, however in some areas a shower is a 2 fixture unit fixture and can be allowed on an 1-1/2 drain if the adjustible shower drain has an 1-1/2 opening. Minnesota is one of those states, but others require a minimum of 2". I would check with your local plumbing codes. But if your shower is designed right, you can have the shower drain on the same side as the existing drain from the tub. They simply have to build a base using a rubber membrane pan and ceramic tile. I have seen it done. The key is if you can use 1-1/2.

Good Luck

Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.


09:26PM | 08/30/04
Prof. Ray, I'm pleased to know about the 1 1/2" shower drain allowance in Minnesota. I checked and Minnesota is one of the states the trade has lost to the inspector's professional organization, The Internatinal Code Council.

Now that you are under the International Plumbing Code do you know if Minnesota adopted out some of their weakest points? i.e. 903.1 Only one vent to the outside, 904.6 The vent can terminate out a side wall, and 917. allowing the extensive use of air admittance valves in new construction?


10:32PM | 08/30/04
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Ray, thanks for the information.I wasn't aware of all of it but I had checked into it when I had some other work done. I am now just waiting for the plumber to come do an estimate for the job. As for the message from Lonny (Lanny?), how did a message from him to you get on my thread. I actually have no idea how this all works, so it really doesn't matter. Thanks again. Martee

Margaret Doty


04:51AM | 08/31/04
I'm sorry if I participated in this site wrong. On other plumbing forums the plumbers talk back and forth about issues and area practices when a poster presents a situation.


06:49AM | 08/31/04
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Lonny, please don't apologize. Like I said in my last posting, I don't really know how this thread thing works but all information is cheerfully accepted. Ok? Martee

Margaret Doty

doug seibert

10:41AM | 08/31/04
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and Welcome to Lonny also........

ProfPumb.......Are you still teaching've been absent here for awhile......

All conversations are welcomed ........

Side wall vents ?


09:20PM | 08/31/04
A poster on another forum asked whether he should flush his toilet or not when guests came to his door. It seems he has a toilet room right off his entrance way and by the front door. The vent comes out the wall pointed toward his guests faces.

If he flushes they get the smell in the face. If he doesn't they get it when they come in. Ha! We're not sure how these houses being built by the inspector's new Internatinal Plumbing Code will be accepted. They're more affordabile but may turn out to be real lemons.

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