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07:22AM | 10/07/04
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Greetings all, looks like a good board, everyone seems real helpful. Here's one that's stumped me and I'm not sure where to start.

My house (hot water heater) is 6 years old (built in 1998). I'm in Utah (SLC) and the water is anything but soft. My hot water was fine at first, but over the years it gotten worse. It's not just in one place (shower, kitchen, etc). Cold pressure is fine. I can have one hot water going (shower, dishwasher, washing machine) and when I turn on another then neither has any good pressure.

I'm assuming my problem lies in the water heater. Perhaps a build up of scale or whatever? Is there any way of clearing this? Or is it now a matter of replacing the water heater? Or am I not looking in the right place? haha, or am I just blowing hot air?

Thanks for any suggestions!


04:45PM | 10/08/04
It's probably not the heater itself but the piping going into the heater or coming out. Do you see a bad nipple on the heater or do you have flex connectors whose gasket may have swollen? Is your valve to the heater all the way open and is it a ball valve with a lever handle? You could have deposits built up in the cold inlet where the dip tube connects.


05:27AM | 10/12/04
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Thanks Lonny! That gives me a few more places to look. I flushed it out over the weekend and it seems to have helped, the pressure isn't what it was when we moved in, but it made a small difference.

I do have a ball valve w/ a lever handle and it is open.

I'll check those connections you mentioned and get back with you.

Thanks again!

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