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03:52PM | 11/04/04
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Been in this house with septic tanks 9 months. I had a new septic tank installed about 3 wks ago. Since then I have an odor in this house. I don't know what to do. Before the new tank was installed I had no odor and don't understand why there is one now. Any help is appreciated.

Is there a chemical on the market or another problem with my tank?


04:24PM | 11/04/04
You should not get an odor. You need a better cure than a chemical. How sure are you than the installation was correct? Are you in a code area where the project was inspected? Odors are usually lack of venting. Replacing the tank should not have affected your venting. Is your structure properly vented or did/does it have a pipe outside venting the system? Was any other work done?

I would call the installers and obtain their response.


07:22AM | 11/05/04
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Thanks for the response. I have called installer. He stated the vent stack may need a larger pipe on the roof (about 2 foot) since he installed a larger tank. They installed 750g versus 450 or 500g. Would the sink or tub be a problem? He said I might not have enough trap in the pipe on the sink or tub....I don't understand that one.


08:42AM | 11/06/04
I don't understand the statement as you have expressed either. You should have P traps with vents at every fixture except the toilet whose trap is molded into it's bowl. The distance from a trap to the vent is called a trap arm and the distances are limited in order for them to function properly. Codes vary but it's generally 3' 6" for an 1 1/2" line like your sinks or 5' for 2" pipe like on tub/ showers. 5' for toilet.

I would not expect a septic tank installer to know the plumbing code although they have a pretty good idea. Your installer may not be completely comfortable in figuring out what your system needs.

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