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05:52PM | 04/06/05
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We're having a problem with a sewer smell only when we open our doors or windows. We thought it was a gas smell but there is no gas leak. The gas co. suggested it is probably a sewer smell. We cannot figure out where it is coming from as none of our toilets, sinks, showers, or basement drains smell. It never smells when the house is sealed (doors/windows closed), but only when we open doors or windows in spring-fall. We have called two plumbers but one said he could not smell it and the other said check the toilets and drains and pour water down which has not helped. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!


07:04PM | 04/06/05
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Hello mjbmom ... Here is a little something to help narrow down the problem. First go to your local drug store and ask for peppermint. They sell over the counter this strong peppermint. You can add this to the drain downstairs to a cleanout plug. Get it into the main drain full strength, but not in the same room that you have the smell. Don't allow anyone to use the water for a couple of hours and then open your windows and doors that make you get the sewer smell. If you smell peppermint then you know that it is from the sewer. A pour or clogged vent can cause a syphon to a tub or sink trap. The toilet wax seal between the toilet and flange could have a leak. The reason you may smell this is that the window or door could be drawing this out of the bad seal. Peppermint will tell the story. All fixtures are trapped to prevent sewer gas from entering the living quarters. If you have an S-Trap under your bathroom sink, that also could be a problem. An S-Trap is a trap that comes down through a j-bend and then turns down again going through the floor instead of the wall. All plumbing codes that I know of do not allow this trap anymore because the trap can create a syphon the water out and loose the seal. Give the peppermint a try and let me know how it turns out. I can be reached at


01:27PM | 08/13/06
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Every building with plumbing pipes has a roof top vent pipe (sometimes called "the stink pipe".) offers filters that easily slide onto or into these vents to eliminate odor for up to 5 years.
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01:33PM | 08/13/06
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Close all windows, doors and shut off all fans and airconditioners.

Fill all tubs and sinks with water. Flush the toilest and open all the sink drains at the same time.

Go outside. If you get a septic odor outside your source is the rooftop vent pipe. Thats supposed to stink but carbon filters like Sweetfilter can help.

If you get a smell inside, call a plumber. The septic gas is dangerous and its source must be located.
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07:38PM | 04/01/13
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We are having the same problem. Was this issue ever resolved and if so what was the solution?


11:39AM | 04/27/13
We are also having the same problem
Did anyone find an answer?


05:07AM | 03/17/14
We too - are having this problem.


11:32PM | 04/25/20
We have this problem, what is the solution?

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