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06:52PM | 06/13/05
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If installed correctly with normal wear and tear how long should it hold?

-A plumber installed on 7-8 weeks ago and the toilet is rocking. He said he might have to charge me because of "use".

That seems unreasonable to me. Our primary toilet has had its seal for well on 5 years and it has no problems. Am I right or am I lucky with the other toilet? – “Cause dang that’s gonna get expensive!”


08:28AM | 06/14/05
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The wax ring only seals the toilet to the closet bend (sewer). Rocking is caused by an unlevel floor, or the toilet not being fully seated on the ring. This sometimes happens if the ring is cool when installed and not enough weight is used to seat it. The easiest solution is to buy small plastic wedges used to level the toilet and remove rocking. They only cost a couple dollars at any hardware or home improvement store in the same section where valves, flappers and other toilet parts are sold. Just lightly drive the wedges under the corners until the unit is level and does not rock, then trim. You can also use caulk, but I don't like this as it can trap moisture and hide bigger problems. Also can be very hard to remove a toilet that has been sealed to the floor.


12:34PM | 08/24/13
We have ceramic tile in our bathroom, which has been down for about 7 years. The toilet has a very slight "wobble". What is really bothering me is the urine odor that i can't seem to clean away. Is the problem more likely in the grout around the toilet? Or could it be that the seal isn't good & urine has gotten down into the seal causing mal odor?


07:55PM | 05/20/15
we've had a plumber come out over and over over the last 10 years to fix a leak and it still leaks - we've had several different businesses. I always said it was the wax ring and they finnally replaced it - 1 yr 10 months later they said it needed another one because our floor wasn't level - they never told us how long they warrentied their work for - pulled it out of him a year - already charged my 93 yr old father 220.00 for it again. I said I told you you already did work on it - did you check for our warrenty? he said no that would be in the office. I said I said don't you check when someone says you already did it? He called and said they said work was done june 2013 to level the toilet (he was hiding the job was to replace the wax seal) said that was the name of the job. Is that right? I asked how long should a wax ring last bec i saw on tv its like 15 years. he said he didnt know. i said you dont know????? really???? how come you dont know that? he said before all this he doesnt remember if HE was out there before for that. when pushed - i was referring to them - the business - he would respond with him personally - to cover or lie about the truth. What would you do? my father has other plumbers out who also did other things and never fixed the stupid leak. spent over a thousand dollars. they took advantage of him and me disabled - what would you do?


02:15AM | 05/21/15
I thought that wax rings lasted about 10 years. Take my advice and change them. It doesn't take that long. What takes a long time, and you're out of a toilet, is replacing the floor where it had been secretly leaking.


05:59PM | 04/08/18
FYI: Just noticed our 35 year old toilet seems to be leaking into the grout line on one side. Think we have been lucky to go this long. It does sit on concrete basement floor, so that probably helped.

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